DriveCam - The Driver Science Company

Every vehicle, every driver, every mile - we help you take driver safety further.

The DriveCam Program offers a comprehensive driver safety solution for identifying, prioritizing and correcting the causes of poor driving – before they lead to a collision. This “programmatic approach” helps clients transform their safety culture and ensures bottom-line results: preventing collisions and fraudulent claims and saving lives.

With our focus on efficiency – maximizing ROI with a minimal impact on client operations – our solution includes:

  • • Real-time in-cab feedback to engage drivers in self correction
  • • Proprietary video and data analysis to provide a complete profile of drivers and driving
  • • Flexible driver safety coaching and training methods
  • • Online tools, such as dashboards for company-wide visibility and accountability
  • • Program reviews for benchmarking and best practices to ensure you’re tracking to success