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Handing over the keys can be a wonderful rite of passage for you and your teen, as you both enjoy their new independence. Sending them off alone can also be costly, nerve wracking and amplify the challenges of being a good parent.

The DriveCam Program makes parenting easier by providing objective, third party feedback that teens listen to and video that enables fact-based discussions instead of emotion-based arguments.

The DriveCam Program makes it less expensive by reducing the chance of insurance premium increases from claims, unreimbursed repair costs, traffic fines and costly medical bills.

The DriveCam Program gives you peace of mind and a stronger relationship with your teen by giving you visibility into what’s happening – and not happening – when your teen drives alone.

Your teen is trustworthy and ready to drive. But all novice drivers still have a lot to learn about focus, awareness and good driving habits. The DriveCam Program helps you accelerate your teen’s natural learning curve during their first years of driving, reducing the chance of costly and dangerous collisions. Using this program is an act of love and protection, like using a car seat.

Just as in academics, music and sports, knowing how your child is performing in driving gives you the ability to be an effective coach. Instead of counting dents and traffic tickets, you can look at a driving report card with video and customized suggestions for improvement from experts – before someone gets hurt.

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Hand over the keys with confidence.