DriveCam for Families is a video feedback program that enables you to stay connected with your teen’s driving in a positive way. A two-way camera in the car records only a few seconds of what the driver is seeing, hearing and doing if it senses risky driving. It puts you virtually back into the instructor’s seat, but only for those precious seconds when you wish you had been there to capture and use that teachable moment.

How it Works

The DriveCam video feedback program enables you to stay connected with your teen’s driving in a positive way. A video event recorder in the car sends a 12-second clip of what the driver was seeing, hearing and doing – but only when it senses risky driving (usually about once a week for good drivers). It puts you virtually back into the passenger seat, but only for those precious seconds when you wish you had been there for that teachable moment.

Getting started is easy. Complete the online purchase and a DriveCam vehicle kit will be delivered to your door. Take the car to your nearest Best Buy store for prepaid, professional installation. Then just start driving – and enjoying the weekly report cards and secure online access to the driving videos with coaching suggestions from our professional analysts.

Family DriveCam

Each parent and teen can have their own secure logins, and also receive the email we send out each week with your teen’s latest driving risk score. It’s like online school report cards – only better, because you can watch how your teen deals with real-world tests of their driving.

Engaging third-party feedback

Have you noticed that most teens appear to listen to others more than their parents? Our objective, third-party feedback makes it simpler to be a parent by providing a fact-based comparison of your teen’s driving risk to what it could be, along with suggestions on how to drive more safely. With DriveCam for Families, you can be less of a judge that’s “ruining their life” and more of the coach who’s saving their life.

Driving discussions with your teen become fact-based coaching instead of emotion-based arguments. Parents find that the program requires very little effort, yet yields tremendous results. Teens are soon coaching and correcting themselves, and holding themselves accountable for maintaining a risk score better than their peer average– the most effective coaching and mentoring environment for novice drivers ever created.

Inexperience and over-confidence of teens combine to make driving the leading cause of death for those ages 15 to 19 – more than drugs, cancer, guns, and suicide – combined. Give your young adult driver the best chance to stay crash-free during those first months by enrolling in DriveCam for Families. And give yourself the cost savings, harmony and peace of mind that thousands of satisfied families have already enjoyed.

This “teachable moment” would have been lost without DriveCam. Teens often think it’s another driver’s fault when it’s not. This driver passes a pickup and enters driver’s blind area with a following distance of only 1 second. She tunes into the situation late, and makes an immediate lane change without checking, the other driver honks and narrowly avoids a nasty side-swipe crash.