The DriveCam® Program

The DriveCam® Program identifies why accidents happen using our patented video event recorder to capture and correct risky driving habits. Powered by the Lytx Engine, our comprehensive DriveCam® Program identifies, prioritizes and corrects the causes of poor driving – before they lead to a collision. This “programmatic approach” helps clients transform their safety culture and ensures bottom-line results: preventing collisions and fraudulent claims while saving lives. Learn more.

RAIR® Compliance Services

Our RAIR solution helps DOT-regulated fleets comply with safety regulations, complementing the safety services offered by Lytx. RAIR’s web-based suite of compliance services helps carriers manage CSA, hours-of-service, driver vehicle inspection reports and driver qualification. Additional integrated compliance solutions include safety training and accident registry. Learn more.

Fleet Tracking

Get the most out of your DriveCam® Program by utilizing our Fleet Tracking Solution. Included as part of the DriveCam video event recorder, GPS data is utilized to give fleet and safety managers a real-time view of fleet operations – helping to ensure compliance and improve productivity. With our Fleet Tracking Solution, fleet managers easily access real-time status, trip history and a full suite of reports. Learn more.

Fuel Management Solution

As the largest operating expense for fleets, fuel is a major concern for fleet managers. Our behavior-based DriveCam Fuel Management Solution concentrates on the driver – optimizing day-to-day driver behavior to extend fuel savings. The result? Depending on vehicle type and operational environment, the DriveCam Fuel Management Solution has typically delivered fuel reductions of up to 12%, saving fleet operators millions of dollars per year. Learn more.