RAIR Compliance Services

RAIR Compliance Services

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Integrated Safety and Compliance Solutions for Every CSA BASIC
  • Better safety scores.
  • Reduced risk.
  • Lower operating costs.

RAIR® Compliance Services provide safety and compliance services to DOT-regulated fleets. Through an integrated web-based system, RAIR helps carriers improve their CSA scores with solutions for each BASIC. The company’s suite of services includes management of driver logs, vehicle inspection reports, driver qualifications, and drug testing, all united by a comprehensive CSA management system. Auditing more than 5 million driver logs each month, RAIR is a trusted service provider to 50% of the “Top 100” for-hire carriers, as well as many of the leading private and motor coach fleets in the US and Canada. Find out why these fleets choose RAIR.

Hours-of-Service Management

RAIR’s comprehensive driver log auditing and management system helps carriers improve their compliance with hours-of-service regulations and lower their Fatigued Driving BASIC scores. Because it’s built on a flexible, highly configurable platform, RAIR’s solution will continue to meet your needs as regulations and in-cab technologies evolve.
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Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) Management

Nearly two-thirds of CSA violations fall under the Vehicle Maintenance BASIC. RAIR’s DVIR auditing system helps carriers improve their scores by identifying and addressing the causes of avoidable vehicle-related violations, as well as improve compliance with federal DVIR rules.
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Driver Qualification File Management

Well-managed driver qualification files can limit your exposure to risk—as well as improve your CSA Driver Fitness BASIC scores—but this is a complicated, labor-intensive process. RAIR’s web-based system is centralized and automated, so you can focus on managing your driver instead of managing their files.
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RAIR’s easy-to-use, highly-configurable CSA system helps carriers continuously improve their scores by efficiently managing violations data, prioritizing compliance issues and addressing root causes with targeted solutions.
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Free CSA Trial

RAIR is offering a 45-day free trial of our CSA solution, an easy-to-implement system that helps carriers improve their safety scores by identifying and addressing the root causes of CSA violations.
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Additional Solutions

Learn why leading carriers choose RAIR for safety and compliance.