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We help companies get their fleets home safely and reduce their claims costs.

Our Story

Safe driving saves lives and money, and we’re in the business of helping drivers be safe. Since 1998, Lytx® has grown to help protect more than 3,000 clients, more than 1 million drivers, and countless communities through its safety programmes and services.




San Diego, California




Who Is Lytx?

We are Lytx—as in analytics, which is at the core of our precise, actionable, and personalised coaching insights. We capture data from tens of billions of miles driven. We then leverage our patented technology to analyze driving and vehicle data to distill it into insights that empower you to run a safer, more efficient fleet.


Improve fleet safety and compliance.

Our Services


Reduce collisions and save lives.

Our Benefits


Join more than 3,000 satisfied clients.

Our Clients

Lytx Careers

You go all in no matter what you do, and so do we. You want to use your powers for good, and that’s exactly what we do at Lytx. Our team is made up of hungry, humble, and capable people making a difference every day with technology that saves hundreds of lives each year.

Lytx Careers

Lytx Leadership

Brandon Nixon
Brandon Nixon

Chairman and CEO

David Riordan
David Riordan

Executive Vice President and Chief Client Officer

Steve Lifshatz
Steve Lifshatz

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Tonya Cross
Tonya Cross

Senior Vice President, Human Capital

Memberships and Associations

We’re engaged with organisations that share our desire to get drivers and their cargo to their destinations safely.

  • Alabama Trucking Association
  • American Beverage Association (ABA)
  • American Gas Association (AGA)
  • American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

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A few things in our trophy case…

San Diego Union-Tribune’s Top Workplaces 2015

METRO Magazine Innovative Solutions Award 2015

CONNECT Most Innovative New Product 2015 Finalist