Improve Driver Performance

Identify unsafe and inefficient driving behaviours in your fleet, coach drivers to improve, reduce risk, and increase driver retention.

Reduce Risk and Retain Drivers

The safer and more skilled your drivers and technicians are, the better your business performs. Continuously developing safe and productive driving behaviours in your fleet helps reduce collision frequency, maximise fleet efficiency, and turn good drivers into great drivers you can keep for the long haul.

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Improve Driver Performance

Safeguard Your Valued Drivers

Help protect your drivers with personalised coaching insights proven to increase safe driving behaviours, and powerful video evidence that can exonerate them from false claims.

Retrain, Exonerate, and Retain

Retrain, Exonerate, and Retain

Helping your drivers go from good to great means you’re investing in their future. With Lytx®, you’re also giving them an objective witness to help exonerate them from blame for collisions they didn’t cause. Drivers know when you have their back, and that keeps them engaged.

Increase Driver Awareness

Increase Driver Awareness

Driving events captured on video give your drivers an objective view of their behaviour to help bring unsafe habits to light. and Lytx's data-driven insights and flexible coaching options give you the tools that can help them change these habits—for good.

Increase Driver Awareness

"Data from the Lytx Driver Safety Programme have been instrumental in empowering us to meet challenges head on. It points us in the right direction as we continuously become a safer fleet.”

Mark Turner-Monk, Deputy Operations Manager, Ensign Bus Company

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Optimise Productivity

Maximise operational efficiency and keep drivers and vehicles on the road.

Fleet Risk Management

Exonerate innocent drivers, prevent collisions, and safeguard your brand.

Reduce Costs

Lower costs related to collisions, claims, fuel use, maintenance, and much more.


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