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Capitalizing on Your Investment
Aug 28/2018 Published by: Lytx Lytx Telematics

We frequently get asked about return on investment on Lytx DriveCam safety programs – how it can be measured, how fast, and how much? We think the most compelling way to explain the ROI we deliver is through our clients’ own experiences.

But what we heard this week from Mike Egbert, Director of Transportation for Allen Distribution was an all-time record for truly rapid ROI when our Lytx DriveCam captured the driver doing everything right. Earlier this week, he wrote:

“I want to know what the record is from the installation of a camera and its first accident? I think we may have a shot as we went less than a mile from install, to the first intersection when a car ran the red light and hit our truck. The camera clearly shows we had the green for 8 seconds, but funny thing, the other driver said he had the green!”

While not all clients will see their first claim savings in the first mile, this story of exoneration is a familiar refrain among Lytx DriveCam clients. According to the American Trucking Associations, in car vs. truck collisions, 81 percent of the collisions are caused by the car drivers but the commercial drivers most often have the finger pointed at them. Without the video as a witness, it becomes one driver’s word against another’s.

ROI takes on all forms, including safeguarding your drivers’ lives as well as your reputation. For more stories on rapid ROI, check out our YouTube page.

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