The positive feedback loop

Changing Driver Behavior
Aug 30/2018 Published by: Lytx Lytx Telematics

Some of the best coaches in the world help individuals learn more about their performance by using the latest video analysis technology to help analyse and improve the components that make up great performance.

By giving feedback on real situations, coaches can bridge the gap between training and reality. This approach keeps the individual alert and actively involved in their own coaching, continuously thinking of ways to improve and to succeed in difficult situations.  It also provides them with tangible areas of improvement.

This may sound like a coaching environment suited to a professional athlete, but it’s actually a whole lot more.

Video technology shouldn’t only be used to identify individuals who need to improve performance. Video is also an excellent – and often overlooked – tool for recognising and rewarding people who have done the right thing or who have taken an action that has prevented a serious situation from arising.

So what are the tools that provide this ability? Many use simple point-and-record methods, but these are often not the best tools to achieve these results. This is certainly true for the professional driver industry, where a plethora of crash recorders are currently available. Having sophisticated technology behind the recording process and the know-how to identify risky driving behaviour are the keys to implementing a successful driver safety system for professional drivers.

While some may feel that in-cab video event recorders are present simply to ‘catch’ drivers, the positive results that are now being delivered by use of this technology, far outweigh this erroneous perception. Performance improvements, personalised coaching and evidence in case of a dispute are just a few examples of the positive impact that a video-based programme can make.

A well-implemented driver safety programme leaves drivers feeling appreciated as valued members of a business, and in turn they take greater pride in their work as they are consistently recognised for their efforts. This positive feedback loop is a powerful tool for developing a happy and hardworking team, and retaining the most skilled drivers in the fleet.

Simple telematics or dash cam solutions do not tell the whole story, and can lead to skewed impressions of performance and coaching on the wrong issues.  That can lead to lack of trust amongst a team. A dual-facing video event recorder, on the other hand, will accurately capture an incident as it unfolds. This allows for uncovering exactly what took place, such as showing that a driver was following another vehicle too closely, or that the other vehicle was to blame and the driver demonstrated exceptional skill and alertness to avoid a major collision.

In addition to ensuring the right information is shared and the proper coaching takes place, coaches also need the most efficient ways of reviewing and coaching their drivers’ performance. Of course, fleet managers are unlikely to have time to dedicate to watching hours and hours of videos of their drivers. In addition, a driver who knows their manager is always watching is unlikely to feel like a trusted and respected employee.

Exception-based recording – where short clips are saved only when sensors in the vehicle detect unusual or harsh movement – can remove this problem whilst being as unobtrusive as possible to the driver. In fact, the safest drivers can often go months without triggering an event. Further options even allow drivers to activate the device if they suspect something is about to unfold around them, such as a potential road rage incident.

When used in these ways, video event recording systems can become the driver’s guardian angel, constantly by their side to help capture the positive actions they take, help improve performance and help protect them from the riskier drivers they share the road with.

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