Top Considerations When Investing in Driver Safety Systems

Choosing the Right Program
Aug 28/2018 Published by: Lytx Lytx Telematics

It’s a fact.  The UK’s roads are not a safe place to work.  One in four road casualties involves a vehicle driven for work, which equates to over 54,000 collisions every year – that’s 150 every day.  With the safety of your staff in your hands it’s vital to do your research when investing in technology that can help you to protect your commercial drivers from this risk.

Key features to look for:

Consider video-based driver safety technology that doesn’t just capture collisions but helps to PREVENT them

Prevention is better than cure and there are solutions available that can help you to do just that. By analysing billions of miles of driving data Lytx can help predict the types of collisions your drivers are likely to be involved in based on their driving habits and the manoeuvres they make on a daily basis. By educating you and your drivers to become safer and more aware of the hazards they face our solution can help you to prevent collisions, get your drivers home safely and of course, reduce the associated costs of collisions by an average of 50-80%.

Look for a solution with a proven driver safety programme

If you’re currently using telematics in your fleet you will undoubtedly have experienced the challenges that come with reviewing and analysing vast quantities of data. The same challenges accompany the data provided by CCTV and crash recorders. Your organisation is a specialist in its field and this is where your focus needs to be, not trawling through data and trying to interpret it.  Look for a driver safety service provider that is a specialist in its business and let them do what they do best – analyse the risk within your fleet and help you to improve driver safety.

Say no to SD cards

Driver safety should not be a drain on your resources and your time. Don’t settle for solutions that require you to retrieve SD cards from your fleet – reviewing the data to try to find the evidence/information you need to coach or exonerate your drivers is hugely time intensive and it’s certainly not scalable. SD cards are also very easy to remove and damage and you need something you can rely on.  Choose a driver safety solution where the service provider does all of the heavy lifting for you. They should be focusing on identifying the risk in your fleet, analysing the footage and delivering back to you those nuggets of footage that can be used to coach, exonerate and praise your drivers or speed up insurance claims. Choose a solution provider who offers independent, unbiased and accurate feedback. Most importantly choose a solution provider who offers automatic upload, updates and flexible retrieval options.

Look for a company that has driver safety at its roots

Make sure you select a solution provider who specialises in driver safety and driver behaviour. Many technology companies have tried to reposition their offerings as driver behaviour solutions; however they don’t have the experience to do this properly.  Find a company that has always focused on driver safety and has this at its core rather than one that has ‘jumped on the bandwagon’.

Look for a solution that provides the full picture not just part of it

Many solutions focus only on vehicle data or front facing video recording and this only tells you part of the story.  To really understand the root cause of an incident you have to see the full picture, both in and outside the vehicle, otherwise you’re relying on guesswork. With video-based driver safety technology that captures what happened both inside and outside the cab combined with data taken from the vehicle Lytx shows you the full picture – which helps you to coach your drivers should they need to change their driving behaviour to become safer and also supports exoneration for incidents that were clearly not their fault.  You’d be surprised how many ‘clear cut’ incidents have a totally different cause when you see the full picture rather than just half.

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