Why a Driver Safety System – Pt. 2

Choosing the Right Program
Aug 29/2018 Published by: Lytx Lytx Telematics

Continuing our discussion about the DriveCam Program, this posting focuses on the video event recorder.

The video event recorder is a palm-sized digital device that is mounted on the windshield behind the rearview mirror (or it may be attached to a roof bracket). It captures sights and sounds (video and audio) inside and outside the vehicle. The event recorder is continually recording and providing in-cab feedback, so you can self correct unsafe driving behavior as it occurs. It only saves the recording when there is an unsafe driving event, such as hard braking, taking turns too fast or impact with another object. The system saves a 12-second event: 8 seconds immediately before an event and the 4 seconds immediately after the event.

The event recorder continually writes over previously recorded events. However, as it records events, it prioritizes them to protect against loss of riskier, higher force events. For example, a manually activated event will not overwrite an event triggered by driving; an event triggered by hard braking will not overwrite an event caused by a severe crash.

We know that some drivers have concerns that the event recorder will be constantly recording, even when they drive on dirt roads or streets in poor condition (or pick up bins or lift the bed to dump your load). Because DriveCam has taken the time and care to adjust the settings on each video event recorder, these recordings are kept to a minimum. In addition, you can relax knowing that as long as risky driving behavior is not taking place when recording occurs under these conditions, these videos are ignored.

You’ll be happy to know that it’s impossible (yes, impossible!) for someone to retrieve video beyond a triggered video recording. It’s also impossible for someone to look into your vehicle through the video event recorder. Lastly, the event recorder cannot be triggered remotely. Only you, the driver, can activate a recorder through your driving actions or by manually triggering the device. Also, the recorder cannot be pre-programmed to randomly record.

You completely control when videos are saved and transmitted to your management. In fact, you can even manually activate the event recorder to validate service issues such as a locked gate (making a property inaccessible), an unruly passenger, traffic problem causing a service delay, etc.

Be sure to read the next blog, where we’ll continue to address your questions and concerns.

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