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MedStar Mobile Healthcare dramatically reduces collisions and associated costs with the Lytx DriveCam safety program.

Result Metrics


Reduction in
major incidents


Reduction in
bent metal costs


Reduced insurance
experience modifier*


  • Reduce speeding to help safeguard organization’s ambulance drivers and patients
  • Decrease collisions and the steep costs associated to them


  • Implemented the Lytx DriveCam™ safety program and the Lytx® Speed Management program enhancement
  • Proactively addressed risky driving behaviors
  • Coached drivers to improve and become safer


  • Reduced major driving incidents, including collisions, by 50%
  • Decreased bent metal costs by 80%
  • Reduced insurance experience modifier, lowering overhead costs and costs for patients
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"The return on our investment … has been great. With the installation of [the DriveCam program] we’ve been able to reduce major events by half."

– Shaun Curtis, Risk & Safety Manager, MedStar

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The DriveCam Difference

MedStar Mobile Healthcare knows that responding to an emergency in less than nine minutes means a better chance of saving a life. But ambulance driving, which often entails speeding, causes significant safety risks—both to the drivers and the patients they’re carrying when collisions occur, and to the organization which must pay steep, collision-related costs. 

MedStar chose to deploy the DriveCam® safety program along with the Lytx Speed Management program enhancement to proactively identify and address risky driving behaviors in its fleet. Using the program’s patented, video-based technology and analytics together with targeted driver coaching helped drivers to clearly see where they could improve and become safer.

Prior to working with Lytx, MedStar had multiple major collisions that resulted in costs of about $75,000. After implementing the DriveCam program, MedStar has been able to reduce major driving incidents, including collisions, by half. Because of this, the company has reduced its bent metal costs by 80%, down to just $14,000.

In addition, MedStar’s insurance company has recognized its very proactive approach to driver safety. As a result, MedStar has been able to reduce its insurance experience modifier, which has translated to lower overhead costs and, ultimately, lower costs for patients.

With higher levels of safety and cost-savings, MedStar can better focus on its mission: to serve patients, make patients better, and provide a service that’s valuable to the communities it serves.

* The adjustment of annual premium based on previous loss experience.


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