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Murphy-Hoffman Company sees 79% reduction in roadway collisions with Lytx.

Result Metrics


Reduction in
on-roadway collisions


Improvement in frequency
and severity of incidents


Reduction in mobile phone
usage while driving


  • The need for a culture of safety for 3,500 employees and a 700-vehicle fleet
  • Historically reactive management of collisions and injuries after the fact, versus a proactive approach


  • Implemented the Lytx DriveCam™ safety programme
  • Utilized programme data to coach risky driving and reward model behaviour
  • Focused on making drivers safer rather than just policy adherence
  • Rolled out positive recognition programme to build a shared vision and help with driver retention


  • Identified unsafe behaviour before collisions and injuries happened
  • Reduced collisions by 79% and injuries from preventable collisions to zero within the first year
  • Improved driver seat belt usage by 58%
  • Reduced traffic violations by 49% (without posted speed)
  • Experienced employees going above and beyond their baseline training to be safer drivers
  • Positive driver and employee engagement
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Murphy-Hoffman Company

“One of the biggest steps to improving our safety culture was when we implemented the DriveCam programme, because it really helped us address behavioural-based safety in a way we never did before.”

– Adrian O'Hara, Director of Safety and Risk Management, Murphy-Hoffman Company

Business Need
Improve Driver Performance

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The DriveCam difference

Murphy-Hoffman Company operates a 665-vehicle fleet. Tackling safety was a big task, and the company wanted to integrate a safety culture that would support all employees' personal and professional improvement.
Implementing the DriveCam® safety programme was one of the biggest steps, because it allowed the company to manage safety proactively, rather than only after collisions happened.
Using video for coaching was a way to both address risky behaviours and recognize model behaviour. In fact, the company began rewarding top-performing employees on a regular basis.
Throughout the implementation of the programme, Murphy-Hoffman stressed it was about safety, not about policies and procedures. In the end, employees became better drivers in their personal lives as well.


service used

Lytx DriveCam Enterprise Programme

Our most comprehensive programme for improving driver behaviour and reducing collisions, claims costs, and fuel use.

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