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P&S Transportation reduces collisions by 30% with Lytx.

Result Metrics


Drivers in
48 states


Reduction in
near-miss collisions


Decrease in
collision rate


  • Fleets drove in challenging road conditions all over the nation
  • Needed more safety measures for 950 drivers


  • Implemented the Lytx DriveCam™ safety programme
  • Coached drivers with videos of their own risky habits
  • Installed driver recognition programme to encourage model driving


  • Exonerated numerous drivers after collisions
  • Reduced collision rate by 30%
  • Reduced near-miss collisions by 31%
  • Raised driver awareness of risky driving habits
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P&S Transportation

“It's about safety, it's about my job, but at the same time it's about other people's lives—my kids' lives that I got to go home to. So yes, it helped me out tremendously. Now it's my best friend; I love it.”

– Karl Shelly, Driver, P&S Transportation

Business Need
Fleet Risk Management

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The DriveCam difference

P&S Transportation has 950 drivers with irregular routes in 48 states. The company wanted to move the safety programme forward and prove driver innocence after certain collisions.

Road conditions, weather, construction, traffic, and mechanical issues all presented daily obstacles. As P&S drivers reviewed their driving behaviours on the video clips provided by the DriveCam® safety programme, they began to improve their skills, making them safer drivers.

Drivers came to appreciate the DriveCam programme as something that protected the lives of drivers and other motorists.

The company decreased collision severity and frequency, as well as collisions per million miles and near-miss collisions. P&S Transportation also implemented a driver recognition programme that set up model drivers as examples for others to follow.

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