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Russell Reid improves safety in a high-turnover industry with the Lytx DriveCam safety programme.

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Miles driven
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  • False claims were being filed against drivers
  • Unexplained damage was appearing on their vehicles
  • Drivers were displaying a significant lack of engagement
  • Driver turnover and unsafe driver behaviour were increasing


  • Implemented the Lytx DriveCam™ safety programme
  • Delivered a programme to help exonerate drivers and the company
  • Installed video to reduce mystery damage and false claims
  • Dedicated resources to manage the DriveCam® safety programme daily


  • Exonerated drivers after certain accidents
  • Increased compliance with company safety policies
  • Reduction in traffic violations and mobile phone usage
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“I’m a big proponent of the DriveCam programme, especially for modifying driver behaviour. It works wonders, as long as you use the information you are given. I’ve recommended it many times over.”

– John Nelson, Director of Safety and Training, Russell Reid

Business Need
Fleet Risk Management

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The DriveCam Difference

Russell Reid Director of Safety and Training John Nelson revealed that two main challenges led them to the DriveCam programme: increased false insurance claims against them, and mysterious damage to their vehicles that no one, including their drivers, could explain.

However, they also recognised that lack of engagement and high turnover among their drivers, combined with unsafe driving behaviours like following too closely and mobile phone usage, could cause the company even bigger problems. They implemented the DriveCam programme hoping it would help them address all of these challenges.

Overcoming Initial Opposition

Driver response to the initial implementation of the DriveCam programme was mixed, and it was important for Russell Reid to clearly explain the exoneration and safety benefits of the solution to drivers.

Today, Nelson oversees DriveCam programme installations at all of the five service centers he manages and helps with driver coaching. Each service center manager who Nelson supervises is responsible for safety at his location, including performing vehicle inspections and dedicating a certain number of hours per week to DriveCam video review and driver coaching.

At this point, the DriveCam programme has been well integrated into the company’s ongoing safety, training, and compliance efforts.

Realising the Power of Video

The DriveCam programme continues to deliver on Nelson’s and Russell Reid’s expectations to eliminate fraudulent claims. “We had one claim recently with a woman who backed into our truck and said we ran into her,” Nelson explained.

“We showed the DriveCam video to the insurance company and police, and they agreed with us. When we showed it to her attorney, they finally dropped the claim. What we saved in that incident paid for at least one year of the DriveCam programme.”

In another claim, a Russell Reid driver was stopped at a light when a woman backed into his truck and then blamed him. Thanks in part to DriveCam programme documented footage, they were able to exonerate the driver. “We estimate that clip helped save us thirty or forty thousand dollars,” Nelson said. “That driver is now a proponent of the DriveCam programme.”

Russell Reid has also used DriveCam event recorder video clips to help increase compliance with company safety policies.

“We had a truck roll over and slide on its side, and the driver walked away from it. Another guy hit a tree that ripped the wheel, fuel tank, and rear suspension right off the vehicle. He also walked away—all because they were wearing seat belts,” Nelson said. “I use these events to help train our drivers and show why it’s important to follow policy.”

As a result, the company has experienced marked reductions in traffic violations and in occurrences of mobile phone usage.

The Bottom Line

Because of the great success they’ve had with the DriveCam programme, Russell Reid will continue to install DriveCam event recorders until they are fully deployed in all vehicles.

“I’m a big proponent of the DriveCam programme, especially for modifying driver behaviour,” Nelson concludes. “It works wonders, as long as you use the information you are given. I’ve recommended it many times over.”

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