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Find out how WCA Waste lowered collision frequency and severity after implementing the Lytx DriveCam safety programme.

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Collisions and injuries
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  • Lack of visibility into what was happening in its 500-vehicle fleet
  • Faced special challenges on public roadways as a waste management company that made hundreds of stops per day
  • Driving behaviours needed to change, and the company wanted to use  positive reinforcement coaching


  • Implemented the Lytx DriveCam™ safety programme
  • Used video clips to have proactive, two-way discussions with drivers with a mentoring approach


  • Increased crucial following distance and reduced rear-end collisions
  • Decreased collision severity, with one team going collision- and injury-free for an entire year
  • Exonerated drivers after certain collisions
  • Experienced positive ROI for fuel savings and general vehicle wear and tear
  • Improved driver confidence
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WCA Waste

“I would tell anybody, if you have a fleet and you want to change behavior and understand what's going on out on the roadways, [Lytx] DriveCam's your product.”

– Robert D. Bartee CSP, Vice President of EHS, WCA Waste

Business Need
Improve Driver Performance

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The DriveCam Difference

WCA Waste wanted to find a tool that allowed the company to get a big-picture view of how its fleet was performing out on the road, and to change unsafe driving behaviours.

At first, some drivers were uneasy with the DriveCam® safety programme, but as time went on, those same drivers expressed gratitude for the fact that the programme changed their driving behaviours for the better.

With nearly 100% of the fleet using the DriveCam programme, WCA Waste saw an overall decrease in collisions, and a decrease in the severity of collisions across the board. One team went collision- and injury-free for an entire year.

When there was a collision, the company was able to better understand what led up to that event, and coach driving behaviours using a method that allowed the drivers to self critique the incident. The video clips also helped exonerate some drivers after incidents.


WCA Waste

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Lytx DriveCam Enterprise Programme

Our most comprehensive programme for improving driver behaviour and reducing collisions, claims costs, and fuel use.

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