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Three Steps to Building a Stronger Safety Culture

Develop a strong safety culture for your fleets

With today’s rising claims costs, a single major collision can put a trucking company out of business for good. Developing a strong safety culture that focuses on continuous driver improvement in order to minimize and prevent collision claims has never been more critical. In this industry insights paper you’ll learn how you can change both your operations department’s and drivers’ mindsets to build a stronger safety culture that empowers drivers and protects the company. You’ll also discover how using video technology can help make drivers and the company safer by raising awareness of risky driving behaviors, supporting tailored training for every driver, and protecting drivers from wrongful blame.

Motivate Your Team

Motivate and intensify the employee’s commitment to safety.

Make a Trade Off

Be willing to trade off on-time delivery for safety.

Get Perspective

See things from your driver’s perspective.

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