Fleet Fuel Reporting

Reduce fleet fuel consumption with a report-based solution that helps you quickly pinpoint sources of fuel inefficiency.

Fuel Reporting

Increase Your Fleet’s Fuel Efficiency

  • Fuel Reporting

The Lytx® Fuel Reporting programme enhancement identifies the impact of driver and vehicle factors on fuel consumption to help you curb gas-guzzling behaviours and optimise every vehicle’s fuel potential. With Lytx Fuel Reporting, you can:


  • Identify and improve inefficient drivers
  • Find inefficient vehicles
  • Reduce fleet fuel consumption and annual fuel costs
  • Access important vehicle data automatically
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Pinpoint the True Cause of Fuel Inefficiency in Your Fleet

Aggressive driving, inefficient vehicles, and idle time are just some of the many factors that could be impacting your fleet’s fuel consumption—and your bottom line. Most fleet fuel management solutions only track behaviours; Lytx Fuel Reporting is a robust, report-based solution that tracks both driver behaviour and vehicle MPG performance.

When added to your Lytx DriveCam® safety program, the Lytx fuel reporting system gives you a data-driven, objective view of what’s causing excess fuel consumption in your fleet, and has proven to help reduce fleet fuel consumption and increase fuel efficiency by up to 12%.

Pinpoint the True Cause of Fuel Inefficiency in Your Fleet
Know Where to Focus, Thanks to Robust Reporting

Know Where to Focus, Thanks to Robust Reporting

Advanced reporting distills dozens of distinct data readings to help you quickly pinpoint and correct the cause of excess fuel consumption. When driver performance is a factor, you’ll know which drivers and which behaviours require coaching. When a vehicle is using more fuel than it should, you can bring it in for a closer look and possibly intervene before costly repairs are needed.

Leverage the Power of the Lytx Fuel Score

Leverage the Power of the Lytx Fuel Score

The Lytx Fuel Score® clearly identifies which drivers and vehicles are top performers not just within your fleet, but across all comparable drivers and vehicles we track. You also get the benefit of benchmarking across drivers and vehicle types and amongst industry peers, so you know how your fleet stacks up.

Leverage the Power of the Lytx Fuel Score

Simplify Data Capture with ECM Connection

Simplify Data Capture with ECM Connection

When you add Lytx Fuel Reporting to your DriveCam® safety programme, you remove the time-intensive manual process of collecting mileage data. By connecting directly to your vehicle’s engine control module (ECM) data is automatically uploaded to your DriveCam Online® account for simple and easy access.

Focus on Inefficient Drivers

Use the Lytx Fuel Score to focus on your most inefficient drivers. Then, drill down to identify and correct the specific driving behaviours that are contributing to excess fuel consumption.

Monitor Inefficient Vehicles

To get the most out of each vehicle’s fuel economy, pinpoint which vehicles are using the most fuel. Track fuel consumption by vehicle and compare your vehicles with similar vehicles that Lytx tracks in other fleets. Benchmark poor-performing vehicles to decide which to bring in for maintenance.

Use ECM and GPS-Based Solutions

Connect directly to your vehicles’ engine control module (ECM) to track driving behaviours and collect vehicle readings. Use this option to quickly identify inefficient vehicles and repair them before they become costly problems. Built-in GPS and accelerometer systems combine to determine vehicle MPG.

“If you really want to ensure you have a good safety programme, this is a tool you can’t live without. It makes your job so much easier and becomes part of the safety culture.”

Frank Stone, Safety and Compliance Manager, Southern Maryland Oil

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No Additional Equipment Required

Lytx Fuel Reporting uses your DriveCam programme's GPS technology. No extra in-cab equipment, peripherals, or software required.

ECM Connection Option

You can connect directly to your vehicles’ engine control module (ECM) to capture the most accurate data. This requires a compatible cable.

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