B&L Yellow Cab of Broward County Signs Multi-Year Contract to Outfit Entire Fleet with DriveCam


April 11, 2013 – San Diego, Calif. – DriveCam, Inc., a global driver risk management company, today announced that B&L Yellow Cab of Broward County, FL has signed a multi-year contract to roll the DriveCam solution out fleet-wide to 600 vehicles. The decision comes after a 110-vehicle trial period that resulted in an over 70 percent reduction in claims.

“The trial showed success very early on, so we accelerated the full rollout by two months in order to improve safety and reduce claims as soon as possible, ” said Yellow Cab President John Camillo. “Our drivers benefit from DriveCam as much as we do, sometimes more. Recently, a driver who was being robbed was able to manually turn DriveCam on, creating video that helped law enforcement locate the suspect. It’s a win-win for  everyone involved.”

“B&L Yellow Cab is one of many fleets that will be deploying the DriveCam solution in cities throughout the  country this year,” said Brandon Nixon, DriveCam Chairman and CEO. “It benefits everyone: the local community because the streets are safer; the driver because it protects them from wrongful accusations;  and the company because it improves overall safety and reduces claims.”

DriveCam addresses safety by combining data and video analytics with real-time driver feedback and coaching, resulting in reductions in cost and fuel consumption. DriveCam accomplishes this using its Driver Science Engine®. Through a patented, iterative process of scoring, prioritizing and tracking the results of driving behaviors, this model identifies behavioral improvement opportunities for increased safety. In-cab video captures driving behavior, which is objectively reviewed and scored, then passed on to the fleet for use in coaching drivers.

Fleets manage the DriveCam Program through DriveCam Online®, a web-based online portal. Seamlessly integrated into DriveCam’s DC3 video event recorder and the DriveCam Online reporting solution, DriveCam’s Fuel Management Solution combines real-time, in-cab feedback with online reporting and coaching to improve fuel efficiency – by up to 12 percent – and lower emissions. Unlike other vehicle-centric fuel solutions, DriveCam’s solution focuses on the driver – specifically on the three driving behaviors that have the greatest impact on fuel efficiency: efficient or “smooth” driving, idling and speeding.

B&L Yellow Cab of Broward County
Dispatching in excess of 500 taxicabs, Yellow Cab of Broward County ( is the leading provider of taxicab transportation in the Fort Lauderdale FL area, transporting 5.5 million passengers and covering 45 million miles each year – its business focused on airport and cruise ship passenger transportation. Founded in 1960 by local transportation and real estate entrepreneur, Jesse Gaddis, Yellow Cab has provided leading edge ground transportation to Broward County residents and visitors for over one-half a century.

About DriveCam, Inc.
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