Lytx Welcomes Research Linking Driver Behaviour to Fuel Consumption


New Research from Shell Cites Improving Driver Behaviour Can Lower Fuel Costs

April 30, 2014 – London, UK – Lytx Europe Ltd. (formerly DriveCam Europe Ltd.), a global leader in delivering driver safety and compliance solutions, has welcomed the findings of a new report conducted by Shell into UK hauliers’ fuel management which identifies driver behaviour as a key component of reducing fleet fuel consumption.

According to the Fuel Matters 2014 report, two-thirds of fleet managers told Shell that improving driving behaviour is the primary way to reduce fleet fuel consumption. This statistic mirrors Lytx’ own analysis of the data it has captured over the last decade from hundreds of fleets.

Lytx UK General Manager Paul Jones explains: “We have identified speeding, idling and efficient or ‘smooth’ driving as the three behaviours that have significant impact on fuel efficiency. By focusing on improving driving behaviour, including less aggressive driving, we believe companies can significantly reduce their fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.”

In the report 49% of the respondents cited fuel management telematics as important for improving driver behaviour. However, although these systems highlight areas for improvement, the report also identified that many haulage companies struggle to implement change.  In fact, nine out of 10 admitted they act on less than 60% of the insights offered due to resource issues.

Jones agrees, “Companies get inundated with telematics data and simply don’t have the time to review it all, let alone establish the root cause of the poor driver behaviour.  Without this insight it is difficult to improve driver behaviour and so companies often don’t realise the true return on their investment from a fuel efficiency perspective.”

The Lytx DriveCam Programme provides a fully managed service that combines video, predictive analytics and a cloud-based driver performance improvement Programme to change behaviour and help make commercial fleets safer. This enables fleet and transport managers to quickly identify the root causes of poor driving amongst their fleets, saving valuable time and resources without data overload.

“To reduce poor and risky driving in your fleet, you need to identify areas that need improvement. Video allows you to see what’s happening and the Programme helps clients coach their drivers to improve driving behaviour. By having an ongoing programme across your fleet, you’ll see results not only in fuel consumption, which can be reduced by up to 12%, but also fewer collisions across your fleet, a reduction in insurance claims, and lower vehicle maintenance costs. These are pounds that can drop directly to your bottom-line.” Jones concludes.

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