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Aug 21/2018 Published by: Lytx Lytx Telematics

In the spirit of Transit Driver Appreciation Day, we’d like to highlight one of the safest transit drivers on the road. Winston Borders, a bus driver for the Greater Cleveland (Ohio) Regional Transit Authority, was recognized as runner-up for our ‘Driver of the Year Award’ in the transit/ motor coach category.

Winston has significant experience on the road, as he started his career 20 years ago and he has been driving precious cargo ever since. “As a transit driver, I get to transport the most important thing in the world – human beings.” In an interview on his impeccable driving record, Winston noted that the key to his success is awareness, focus, control, and safety. Yet he’s had his share of challenges, particularly when dealing with severe weather elements. “It snows a lot in Cleveland,” he added.

Through it all, Winston recognizes those who have supported him throughout his career. “I would like to thank a long list of people at the Regional Transit Authority, but I will start with my director, Dr. Floun’say R. Caver and my transportation manager, Sharon Sterrett Sharp,” he said. “They set us up with all our training, snow training, and Lytx’s DriveCam Program training.”

From all of us at Lytx, we’d like to thank Winston and all of the transit drivers out there making our roadways safer each and every day.

Have you thanked your transit driver lately? Now’s your chance! March 18 is Transit Driver Appreciation Day.

Here are some fun ways to show appreciation to your local drivers:

  • Extend a Greeting: A simple smile and a friendly greeting can go a long way in showing your driver that they are appreciated.
  • Thank You Card: Resources are available at Here with creative print-out cards like the ones below:
  • Gift Card: A gift card to a coffee shop or deli can go a long way in showing your driver that you are thankful for the work they do.
  • Share the Road: It’s important to always give large vehicles extra room when sharing the road. Transit Driver Appreciation Day is an important reminder to be patient for our friends who drive buses, trams, motor coaches, and other large-transit vehicles.
  • Social Media: Do you have a social media account? Use #TDAD to say something nice online to all transit drivers working hard to keep our roads safe.

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