Protecting Industry Growth as the Economy Revs Up

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Aug 28/2018 Published by: Lytx Lytx Telematics

Economists are predicting the US economy will be revving up for fast growth in 2015. Transport demand is also expected to increase in line with trade growth. 2015 stands to create big opportunities for the trucking industry. The challenge is protect the growth and earnings for the industry to ensure a bright future well beyond the New Year.

Companies will need to create balance between growing mobility needs while increasing road safety. One way to do that is through smart investments that pay themselves off. Collision avoidance technologies, including those with in-cab camera systems, require a small investment, but come with proven results in cost savings and increase driver safety. Very few technological advances can make the same claim. Even fewer can claim a 50-80 percent decrease in collision costs, which is what commercial and government organizations using the DriveCam Program are reporting.

Collision are serious and according to the Department of Transportation, each year there are thousands of collisions involving commercial vehicles, which adds up to $67 billion in costs. There is no doubt more can and should be done to reduce the number of collisions, to not only to make the roads safer and reduce the amount of injuries and deaths on the roads, but also to improve the efficiency and growth of the trucking sector.

The most important part of a safe trucking operation remains the person behind the wheel, the driver. That is why investing in an in-cab system is a win-win. The DriveCam system, for example, is proven to predict collisions with a 70 percent success rate, and creates a targeted, insightful training program to help drivers learn safer behavior and continue to build stronger driving skills.

Helping drivers avoid collisions by maintaining a training and coaching program provides drivers with the right tools to become safer drivers. Developing stronger drivers while decreasing the number of collisions and reducing related costs protects the future of the industry as the economy continues to grow.

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