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Trucking company reduces near-miss collisions by 70%. with Lytx.

Result Metrics


Reduction in near-miss


Coachable events
for some drivers


Vehicles covering
thousands of miles


  • Drivers were exhibiting risky driving behavior including distracted driving and speeding
  • False accident claims were made against drivers
  • Need for a safety program to pinpoint and coach specific behaviors


  • Implemented the Lytx DriveCam® safety program
  • Coached drivers for unsafe behaviors like texting while driving


  • Reduced near-miss collisions by 70%
  • Lessened incident frequency and severity, and had fewer coachable events
  • Reduced unsafe driving habits, including following too closely, speeding, and distracted driving
  • Saw a positive return on investment in the DriveCam® safety program from enhanced driver training and coaching and reduced collision costs
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Estenson Logistics

“When you look at different return on investments, whether it's driver training systems or different technologies, we really think you get the most bang for your buck through [Lytx] DriveCam, and we're excited to have it in all of our vehicles.”

– Paul Truman, President, Truline Corporation/Estenson Logistics

Business Need
Improve Driver Performance

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The DriveCam Difference

Estenson Logistics & Truline Corporation operates thousands of vehicles that drive millions of US miles every month, and wanted to become a safer, more technologically advanced company. 

Following implementation of the DriveCam® safety program, a driver was exonerated in a fatal collision.  At that point, the company knew the DriveCam program was the solution it needed. 

Driver behavior improved with decreases in distracted driving and risky habits like speeding and following too closely. Drivers didn't always know that they were doing these things. After seeing video clips, they were able to recognize the risky behavior, change their driving habits, and lower the number of coachable and risky events. 

The company also decreased the frequency and severity of collisions. Today, Estenson Logistics & Truline Corporation is satisfied with the ROI on their employee training and technology investments. 


Estenson Logistics

service used

Lytx DriveCam Enterprise

Our most comprehensive program for improving driver behavior and reducing collisions, claims costs, and fuel use. 

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