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Focusing on safety pays dividends for Flogas

Result Metrics


Reduction in near collisions


Reduction in mobile phone usage


Reduction in late responses


  • Drivers often distracted or following too closely
  • Behaviors often lead to late response incidents
  • Information and training often ignored


  • Successful implementation of the DriveCam® program
  • Identification of riskiest drivers
  • Personalized driver improvement plans


  • Improvement in driver understanding of risky behavior
  • 51% reduction in near collisions
  • Massive reduction in activations due to following distance
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"We want to help our drivers to become safer and the DriveCam program helps us to identify those most at risk and give them the coaching they need to improve."

– Driver Systems Support Manager, Flogas Britain Ltd

Business Need
Improve Driver Performance

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Flogas drives down risk with Lytx DriveCam®program

Based in Leicester, Flogas is one of the leading suppliers of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), propane and butane in the UK.

Deciding Benefits of the DriveCam Program

With such hazardous materials on board, Flogas required a solution that would ensure that its drivers minimized risk and avoided distractions so they could fully concentrate on the road ahead.

Even after four years using the DriveCam program, Flogas is still finding ways to improve driver safety and turn risky drivers in to safe drivers.

After implementing the DriveCam program, Flogas found that close following distance was a common behavior within its fleet that could potentially lead to collisions. With targeted training sessions, this behavior has been dramatically improved.


The Bottom Line

Near collisions have decreased by 51% when comparing June-August 2015 with June-August 2016. Collisions decreased by 43% during the same period.

What’s more, improvements have continued in a number of areas, from a 62% decrease in following distance activations to a 37% decrease in late responses, 75% decrease in traffic violations and an 89% decrease in mobile phone usage.

Anthony Harding, Driver Systems Support Manager at Flogas, commented: “We want to help our drivers to become safer and the DriveCam program helps us to identify those most at risk and give them the coaching they need to improve."

“The insight from Lytx helps us to create Driver Improvement Plans (DIPs) that we then walk the drivers through so that they can see exactly how and why we have put the plan together. This busts many of the myths around video-based coaching and gives drivers a chance to understand why they need to improve and how to do it."

Reward & Recognition

”We are also able to use the system for exonerating drivers when they could not avoid an incident and rewarding them when we find that their actions actually helped avoid an accident.”

The Lytx solution has also been used to identify who consistently achieves a high standard of safety, as well as those who have most improved, with awards being given throughout the three regions Flogas operates in.

“Even experienced drivers are sometimes surprised by the risks associated with some of their actions,” adds Harding. “This information has always been there. But only with the DriveCam system have we been able to uncover it and use it to improve safety."

“With the DriveCam program, we are able to help drivers change any risky behavior before it leads to an incident. Many other telematics and video solutions only work the other way around. Lytx has helped us to give our drivers the coaching they need to maintain safety as a core pillar of our business.”

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Lytx DriveCam Enterprise

Our most comprehensive program for improving driver behavior and reducing collisions, claims costs, and fuel use. 

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