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Foster Farms empowered its drivers with an eyewitness to protect them from false claims by implementing the Lytx DriveCam safety program.

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Drivers protected
from false claims


Partnered with Lytx
to increase safety


in collisions


  • Needed a better safety culture for the 600 drivers in its fleet and all drivers on the roadways
  • Wanted visibility into the cause of unexplained mystery damage and collisions they were experiencing and a program to help develop a safer fleet
  • Wanted to empower coaches, improve driving skills, and improve brand


  • Implemented the Lytx DriveCam™ safety program
  • Trained and communicated how the DriveCam® safety program works and it’s benefits thoroughly to drivers to alleviate concerns and promote full fleet adoption.
  • Coached drivers on collision-causing behaviors with DriveCam event recorder videos
  • Leverage program results, reports and videos in management safety meetings to quickly resolve common risky behaviors but also recognize exceptional drivers.


  • Reduced collisions by 35%
  • Help provide protection against false claims
  • Built a culture of safety, accountability, and ownership
  • Empowered drivers with an eyewitness to protect them from false claims
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Foster Farms

“[The DriveCam program] has changed the culture and behavior of our drivers. I don’t know if there is anything greater than that.”

– Phil Martin, Vehicle Safety, Foster Farms

Business Need
Manage Fleet Risk

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The DriveCam Difference

Since 1939, west coast families have depended on Foster Farms for premium quality, locally grown poultry products. As a family-owned business, Foster Farms considers their employees to be their biggest asset. So they take driver safety very seriously.

On a daily basis, their 600 drivers traverse terrain spanning from private dirt roads to public roadways. Hatchery Manager Richard Reed describes the challenges they face:

“It’s brutal on the road when they’re driving through a metropolitan city. You have a lot of commuters and other people cutting you off , texting, using their cell phones. So our drivers really have to be aware and very defensive.”

Before implementing the DriveCam safety program, Foster Farms assessed driver safety by reviewing the number of collisions per year, across their fleet. Even that simple measure made it clear they needed to get ahead of the curve.

Unfortunately, they had no way to even tell what was causing the collisions, let alone prevent them.

Empowering Drivers with an Eyewitness

Foster Farms’ forty-unit trial of the DriveCam program had effective results. Even so, they had to overcome some initial driver hesitation.

Reed explained, “When drivers first found out about the DriveCam program and that we were bringing it into the trucks, they were worried, they were nervous.” Then they started to see how the program could benefit them. And for some drivers, it was a front seat view. Driver Ron Dickson, a nineteen-year driving veteran, recounts a time when a car veered to the right, then did a U-turn right in front of him, slamming into the side of his truck.

“Without DriveCam, [that driver] could have said a lot of different things, but with [video], it was black and white,” Dickson said. “I’m 100 percent for the DriveCam program.”

The DriveCam safety program helped Foster Farms to reduce collision costs by changing driver behavior and proving when their drivers weren’t at fault.

Phil Martin, head of vehicle safety, described another serious incident, where video showed a car approaching in his driver’s lane. The Foster Farms truck pulled as far as possible onto the shoulder, but the car went underneath the trailer anyway.

“Without the DriveCam video, there would have been no witnesses around and we wouldn’t have known what happened. So it was a huge asset to give us that strong evidence that we never would have had before.”

Incidents like these helped Foster Farms drivers to trust the program. Reed said, “Now they know that we’re using this tool to have their back and make sure we can provide evidence to show they weren’t at fault in certain accidents.”

Building a Culture of Accountability

With drivers embracing the program, Foster Farms was effective in using it to help drivers improve their performance.

Tony Aragon, vehicle safety manager, explained, “The DriveCam program is [showing] what the behavior is, and to change behaviors, you coach. If [the behaviors] are benchmarked historically to cause accidents, we bring [drivers] in, they look at the video, they understand it, and our purpose is to prevent it from happening again.”

Reed added that “coaching sessions let the driver see what they’re doing wrong in real time, and they can get feedback.” As a result of their efforts, Foster Farms saw a 35 percent drop in the number of collisions.

Bottom Line

When asked if he would recommend the DriveCam program, Aragon said yes. In addition to lowering Foster Farms’ collision rates, Martin said, “[The DriveCam program] has changed the culture and the behavior of our drivers. I don’t know if there’s anything greater than that.”

Martin concluded, “We have a moral and ethical obligation to have safe drivers and safe equipment on the road.” The DriveCam safety program helps them fulfill that obligation.


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Lytx DriveCam Enterprise

Our most comprehensive program for improving driver behavior and reducing collisions, claims costs, and fuel use. 

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