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Veriha Trucking reduces driver events by 50% with Lytx.

Result Metrics


Reduction in event
severity and frequency


Reduction in
driver events


Trucks in


  • Wanted a tool to protect drivers
  • Wanted to enhance driver training
  • Liked the idea of the Lytx DriveCam™ safety program, but was unsure how drivers would receive it


  • Implemented the DriveCam® safety program
  • Coached drivers, including positive reinforcement of model driving behaviors
  • Used DriveCam safety program data to reward employees with bonuses


  • Reduced severity and frequency of events by 13%
  • Reduced driver events by 50% or more
  • Improved CSA scores
  • Exonerated drivers after serious collisions
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Veriha Trucking

“I think installing [Lytx] DriveCam and making the decision to invest in that technology has been one of the best safety decisions we've made to date.”

– Beckey Schwertfeger, Director of Risk Management & HR, Veriha Trucking

Business Need
Manage Fleet Risk

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The DriveCam Difference

Veriha Trucking wanted a safety solution that zeroed in on what really mattered for its fleet of approximately 300, and that ultimately served as a tool for protecting drivers.

Even though some drivers were unsure of having the DriveCam event recorder in their cabs at first, over time, the drivers appreciated the positive-reinforcement coaching that resulted from it—and sometimes even asked for coaching themselves.

The program helped exonerate drivers after certain collisions, and because of that, drivers saw it as a valuable addition to their daily operations. Aside from the recognition that model driving behaviors received company-wide, the DriveCam program data was used so drivers could earn bonuses as well.

With the DriveCam program, Veriha also reduced collision frequency and severity, improved CSA scores, and improved driver habits. 


Veriha Trucking

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