Teach your teen good driving behaviors—even when you can’t be there.

Improve Your Teen’s Driving Skills and Awareness

Teens develop lifetime driving habits during their first critical years on the road. The Lytx DriveCam™ safety program for families can help teach your teen how to make good driving decisions that will get them home safely.


Progress Reports

The easy-to-use DriveCam Online® portal lets you set goals and track improvements over a three-month period.

Coaching Sessions

Each week, you and your teen can review video and results together. Lytx® even provides language you can use to help keep the conversation positive.

Quick Check-ins

Location Tracking shows you where your teen is and where they’ve been so you can relax—or take action if you need to.

Easy Enrollment

Get up and running quickly with the DriveCam® safety program for families by enrolling online in just a few minutes.

Professional Installation

Visit a local Best Buy store for prepaid DriveCam event recorder installation.

Proven Results

The DriveCam program for families has reduced unsafe driving behaviors by 88%.

Teens have an 89% chance of being involved in a crash during the first three years of driving.

Coaching teens from the beginning is proven to improve their skills, prevent collisions, and keep them—and everyone on the road—safe.