CSA Data Analysis

Online data collection and analysis to help you identify the causes of CSA violations, coach drivers for improvement, and increase your fleet’s CSA compliance

CSA Data Analysis

Improve Fleet CSA Scores with Powerful Insights

With RAIR® CSA compliance services, get a clear view of what’s really causing your fleet’s CSA violations. The RAIR CSA data analysis service provides powerful analytics and reporting in an easy-to-use interface. Quickly identify where you most need to focus your efforts to improve CSA compliance.


  • Monitor and manage violations data for inaccuracies
  • Prioritize compliance issues and forecast future scores
  • Address root causes and use data to coach drivers and address fleet issues
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Get the Full Picture of Driver CSA Scores

With RAIR CSA data analysis, you can connect all CSA violations to their CSA BASIC, and then, using filters, drill down to see the root cause of each violation. Compare CSA information like roadside inspection data against driver log data to help identify issues, and use that data to coach drivers on specific violations to help improve their performance, and increase CSA compliance and fleet CSA scores. RAIR CSA data analysis is perfect not only for trucking, but for any industry that needs to comply with CSA regulations.


Get the Full Picture of Driver CSA Scores
Timely Data

Timely Data

Get timely, daily access to data that can impact your fleet CSA scores. Stay informed of important events by setting up alerts that ensure you never miss anything. Monitor your current CSA scores anytime you wish. Use the forecasting feature to get a picture of future CSA percentile ranks for up to three months—so you know where to best focus your resources today to ensure compliance with CSA regulations.

Accident Registry

Accident Registry

RAIR accident registry service pulls all accident data from the Crash BASIC to create your fleet’s registry. In one secure, centralized database you can store, organize, and view all collision-related documents, images, police reports, and over thirty different data points to quickly identify key trends within your fleet’s accident history. Also use the service to input non-reportable incidents, making it easy to track trends and record small damages that could lead to a more severe incident.

Accident Registry

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