ADAS Fleet Management

See what’s happening when ADAS events occur, and address risky behaviors before they lead to collisions.

ADAS Fleet Management

Unlock the Full Potential of ADAS to Improve Drivers and Prevent Collisions

  • ADAS Fleet Management

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) warn drivers during triggered events, but they may not capture the cause of the trigger—driver behavior. The Lytx® ADAS Management program enhancement captures data and video based on your existing ADAS signals, so you can see what’s truly behind ADAS events. This better enables you to:

  • Uncover previously undetected risky driving behaviors
  • Coach drivers to help them improve
  • Prevent collisions and reduce accident severity
  • Improve compliance and CSA scores
  • Lower operating costs and increase your bottom line
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Make your ADAS investment work harder for you

Distracted and drowsy driving can be hard to detect and correct. Adding Lytx ADAS Management to your Lytx DriveCam® safety program fortifies installed ADAS by delivering video-driven insights, so you can coach your drivers to learn safe habits before they result in collisions.

More Powerful than ADAS Alone

More Powerful than ADAS Alone

Lytx works with your installed ADAS to target behaviors common during long-haul driving. It captures video and data based on your vehicles’ existing ADAS signals. That provides actionable insights so you can proactively coach behaviors before collisions happen.

Only the Events You Need

Only the Events You Need

You won’t be overwhelmed with data. ADAS Management analyzes and prioritizes the events for review, and sends them to your inbox so you can coach drivers on specific areas for improvement. Lytx delivers only a manageable number of important, coachable events to your inbox, so you can get on with your day.

Only the Events You Need

Experience You Can Rely On

Experience You Can Rely On

Our experts use insights derived from analysis of more than 45 billion driving miles to deliver actionable insights that expose unsafe driving behaviors, and show you where to focus your driver coaching efforts to improve behavior before a collision occurs.

“We’ve seen a great improvement in driver behavior … this is a safety tool that is going to allow us to be more productive … and to be more safe to protect our drivers and the motoring public.”

Brandon Kohlwes, VP of Operations, American Central Transport

Get Started with Lytx ADAS Management

Help detect and address distracted or drowsy driving in your fleet, prevent collisions, improve CSA scores, and more.

Try it for Ninety Days

Add Lytx ADAS Management to your DriveCam® safety program as a ninety-day trial with no long-term commitment, and see how it can benefit your fleet and deliver rapid ROI. Compatible cable is required.

Works with Your Existing ADAS

There’s no need to invest in a new ADAS system. ADAS Management works with your existing ADAS system and DriveCam program.

Experience the Benefits Now

Enhance the power of your ADAS system and experience the difference it can make for your fleet. Simply ask your Lytx client account manager to add Lytx ADAS Management to your DriveCam program today.

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