Use vehicle tracking and fleet management services to help protect your assets, improve customer service, optimize productivity, and lower costs.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Vehicle Tracking Solution With Real-Time Information

  • GPS Fleet Tracking

Up-to-date fleet status helps you respond faster to customers, minimize phone calls, and increase fleet productivity.


  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Increase fleet efficiency by managing driver productivity
  • Streamline fleet management by improving vehicle use and ETA
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Fleet Tracking Solutions to Help You Master Your Fleet

Lytx Fleet Tracking works to track the status of every vehicle in your fleet, 24/7. With visibility to arrival, idle, and departure times, you can make fast decisions that can improve your fleet’s productivity. Best of all, it works with the Lytx DriveCam® event recorder, so you won’t need to buy extra equipment, cables, or software.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Route playback shows you an animated trail of where drivers were speeding, and how long they spent at each stop.

Find Your Closest Driver

Find Your Closest Driver

All customers are time-sensitive, and Lytx makes it easy to locate the driver closest to your service destination, so you can respond as quickly as possible.

Find Your Closest Driver

Geofences Set Boundaries for Your Fleet

Geofences Set Boundaries for Your Fleet

Create custom geofences so you can manage driver adherence to approved areas, routes and business hours. Get alerts when vehicles travel in or out of restricted areas or during specific times.

Works with Mobile Devices

Works with Mobile Devices

Cloud-based Fleet Tracking is built on HTML5 so it works with desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making managing your fleet convenient and seamless, so it’s a snap to keep your customers happy.

Works with Mobile Devices

Standard Fleet Tracking Reports

Reports Come Standard
Run roll-up fleet summaries, daily fleet summaries, and group, driver, and vehicle trip histories and stop times to gain better visibility into vehicle use and driver trends.

State Mileage Data
Just click and download mileage by vehicle, date and state within the United States and Canadian provinces using GPS or ECM data.

Geofence Reports

View geofence summaries, geofence totals, and geofence summaries by vehicle or group.

Idle Reports & Data Extract

View summaries of idling issues by group, vehicle, or driver. Access and export raw data on every idling violation to generate the fleet management tracking reports you need.

GPS Fleet Tracking: The Details

Productivity and Efficiency

Productivity and Efficiency

Gain valuable fleet efficiency by tracking arrival, idle, and departure times for every vehicle while they are out of sight. Trail points give you a visual history of the driver's exact route so you know where to improve.

Cover Your Assets

Cover Your Assets

According to a report by CargoNet, an estimated $30 billion in cargo is stolen annually. GPS fleet tracking is a low-cost way to know where your vehicles are, and help discourage cargo theft.

Get Started with Lytx Fleet Tracking

Start tracking your fleet’s vehicle activity in real time to protect your assets, improve efficiency and service, and lower costs.

No Additional Equipment Required

Lytx uses the GPS fleet tracking technology already installed in your existing DriveCam® event recorder. No additional in-cab equipment, peripherals, or software is needed.

Try it for Ninety Days

Adding Lytx Fleet Tracking can be more cost effective than purchasing and installing a standalone system. Try it for ninety days with no further commitment to see how it benefits your fleet’s operations and ROI.

Experience the Benefits Today

Find out how real-time fleet GPS tracking solutions can benefit your business. Simply ask your Lytx client account manager to add GPS fleet tracking to your DriveCam® safety program today.

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