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Protect your company’s reputation with a safe and efficient fleet.


Improve Safety and Protect Your Reputation

Collisions can cost lives, money, and reputations. To protect your company’s brand, your fleet needs safe drivers. Lytx® programs and services provide documented evidence that can help settle questions of liability in the event of a collision. They can also help you address the causes of unsafe driving behaviors before they lead to costly collisions—empowering your drivers to improve and become more accountable, while safeguarding your brand and making your business more efficient and profitable.

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Revolutionize Your Business through Our Fleet Management Solutions and Services

Reduce Costs

Reduce the costs of collisions, claims, insurance, fuel use, vehicle maintenance, and repairs to improve your bottom line.

Fleet Risk Management

Keep your brand and company safe with insights that help you reduce risk, improve compliance, and exonerate innocent drivers.

Optimize Productivity

Maximize driver and vehicle performance to increase efficiency and service, optimize productivity, and get the most value possible from your fleet.

Improve Driver Performance

Identify unsafe and inefficient driving behaviors in your fleet, coach drivers to improve, reduce risk, and increase driver retention.


Lytx Video Services

Paired with the Lytx DriveCam® safety program, Lytx Video Services technology transforms your vehicles into mobile, insight-gathering machines equipped with continual-recording of the road view. You get more insights, more control, and the unprecedented vision you need to transform your business.

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Featured Case Study

KeHE Distributors Increases Driver Exoneration and Safety with Lytx

KeHE Distributors is a food distributor based in Illinois that wanted to increase good driving habits and exonerate drivers not at fault for incidents. The company implemented a full-fleet deployment of the Lytx DriveCam™ safety program, decreased risky driving behaviors such as using hand-held devices while driving, and increased driver exoneration by being able to prove liability in incidents. 

  • 250 vehicle fleet
  • 2013 partnered with Lytx
  • 30,000 retail clients
Read KeHE Distributors Story
KeHE Distributors
“Seeing is believing. With the DriveCam program, our drivers are seeing more clearly where the risks are, as well as where they need improvement. That’s a win.”
Michael Connelly, Transportation Safety Director, KeHE Distributors
Business Need
Improve Driver Performance
Featured Case Study

AmeriGas Propane Improves Safety and Cuts Traffic Incidents with Lytx

AmeriGas Propane is a leading propane delivery company that makes numerous stops each day with 6,000 trucks. To address policy violations to help improve driver safety and reduce traffic incidents, the company implemented the Lytx DriveCam™ safety program and reduced driver incidents by 55%.

  • 55% reduction in driver incidents, including collisions
  • 6,000 vehicle fleet
  • 2011 became a client
Read AmeriGas Propane Story
AmeriGas Propane
“Thanks to our DriveCam driver safety program, we had incidents where seat belt coaching helped to prevent accidents with our drivers that might have resulted in significant injury or death.”
Kevin Rumbelow, VP of Operations Support, AmeriGas Propane
Business Need
Reduce Costs
Featured Case Study

Foster Farms Reduces Collisions and Protects its Valued Drivers with Lytx

As a family owned-business, Foster Farms considers its employees to be its most valuable assets. Foster Farms has 600 drivers who travel on highways, paved city streets and dirt roadways. The company focused on and coached to resolve the risky driving habits highlighted by the Lytx DriveCam™ safety program—thereby reducing collisions and better protecting its valued drivers. 

  • 600 drivers protected against false claims
  • 2012 improved drivers taking accountability for safety since 2012
  • 35% reduction in collisions
Read Foster Farms Story
Foster Farms
“[The DriveCam program] has changed the culture and behavior of our drivers. I don’t know if there is anything greater than that.”
Phil Martin, Vehicle Safety, Foster Farms
Business Need
Manage Fleet Risk
Featured Case Study

DeCrescente Distributing Increases Driver Safety and Retention with Lytx

DeCrescente Distributing is a beverage distribution company headquartered in New York state. The company wanted to be proactive about reducing distracted driving, as well as driver turnover. Within three months of installing the Lytx DriveCam™ safety program, DeCrescente saw safer drivers, reduced driver turnover, and substantially decreased expense and liability exposure.

  • 30% reduction in cell phone use
  • 21% improvement in seatbelt usage
  • 100% full fleet deployment
Read DeCrescente Distributing Company Story
DeCrescente Distributing Company
“The DriveCam program isn’t a monitoring system, it’s a behavior system. We were able to change driver behavior with the DriveCam program. They drive differently, act differently, and handle themselves differently in the vehicles. We’re very happy with the DriveCam program.”
Tom Turcotte, Vice President of Operations, DeCrescente Distributing Company
Business Need
Optimize Productivity
Featured Case Study

Southern Maryland Oil Case Study

With a large fleet of oil and propane-delivery vehicles on the road 24/7, Southern Maryland Oil relies on the Lytx DriveCam™ safety program to cultivate better, safer drivers. As a result, the company has reduced identified collisions by 59%.

  • 86% reduction in cell phone use while driving
  • 69% improvement in unbelted events
  • 59% reduction in identified* collisions
Read Southern Maryland Oil Story
Southern Maryland Oil
“If you really want to ensure you have a good safety program, this is a tool you can’t live without. It makes your job so much easier and becomes part of the safety culture.”
Frank Stone, Safety and Compliance Manager, Southern Maryland Oil
Business Need
Improve Driver Performance
Featured Case Study

DS Waters Reduces Collisions and Claims with the Lytx DriveCam Safety Program

DS Waters produces and distributes bottled water products throughout the U.S. With the implementation of the Lytx DriveCam™ safety program, the company greatly reduced collision rates and related claims while also increasing visibility of its more than 3,000 vehicles and drivers.

  • 42 fewer crashes after just one year
  • $86,000 reduction in liability losses
  • 3,000 vehicles and drivers
Read DS Waters Story
DS Waters
“I wanted a holistic driver risk management solution that offered more than just training. The DriveCam program enables DS Waters to reinforce the safe driving habits we have instilled in our drivers and make them stick.”
Michael Belcher, Director of Safety, DS Waters
Business Need
Reduce Costs

Harness the Power of Safety

Our DriveCam® safety programs, DriveCam EnterpriseSM and DriveCam ProtectSM, help to identify, prioritize and correct the causes of poor driving helping to prevent collisions and fraudulent claims while saving lives.

Lytx DriveCam Enterprise

Our most comprehensive program for improving driver behavior and reducing collisions, claims costs, and fuel use. 


  • Manage every driver in your fleet
  • For fleets with 20+ vehicles; unlimited depot locations
  • Extensive program support and quarterly reviews
  • Instant access to extended video when paired with Lytx Video Services

Lytx DriveCam Protect

Streamlined safety program for lean fleet operations needing an efficient way to manage the riskiest fraction of their fleet. 


  • Identify and coach the riskiest 20% of your fleet
  • For fleets with less than 350 vehicles; up to three locations
  • Easy to manage with limited resources
  • Optional training available

Bundle with Program Enhancements

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RAIR Services


A Comprehensive Compliance Solution that Evolves as Your Needs Do

Through an integrated web-based system, RAIR® Compliance Services can help you improve CSA scores, reduce risk, and lower operating costs.

RAIR Compliance Services

DVIR Management

Audit paper and electronic DVIRs and identify inaccurate and missing data.

Hours of Service Management

Audit 100% of paper and electronic driver logs with one streamlined system.

CSA Data Analysis

Improve CSA scores by pinpointing causes of CSA BASIC violations and coaching drivers.

Audit Driver Qualification Files

Audit of DOT-required documentation, plus automated reminders for items coming due.

“Seeing is believing. With the DriveCam program, our drivers are seeing more clearly where the risks are, as well as where they need improvement. That’s a win.”
Michael Connelly, Transportation Safety Director, KeHE Distributors


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