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Prevent costly collisions, reduce claims, and increase the safety of your city.


Help Make Your City Safer

For government fleets, the safety of your drivers, the public motorists, and the entire community is unquestionably top priority. When collisions happen, lives are at stake—and so is your city’s reputation. Diverting taxpayer money to handle preventable collisions can take its toll on budgets.

Lytx® programs and services are designed to meet the special requirements of government fleets. Our government fleet management services and driver safety programs can help you improve driver behavior and increase overall fleet safety, thereby reducing collision risk and the potential negative exposure that comes with it.

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Revolutionize Your Business through Our Fleet Management Solutions and Services

Reduce Costs

Reduce the costs of collisions, claims, insurance, fuel use, vehicle maintenance, and repairs to improve your bottom line.

Fleet Risk Management

Keep your brand and company safe with insights that help you reduce risk, improve compliance, and exonerate innocent drivers.

Optimize Productivity

Maximize driver and vehicle performance to increase efficiency and service, optimize productivity, and get the most value possible from your fleet.

Improve Driver Performance

Identify unsafe and inefficient driving behaviors in your fleet, coach drivers to improve, reduce risk, and increase driver retention.

Featured Case Study

U.S. Department of State Reduces Near Collisions, Number of Events, and Event Severity with Lytx

To reduce traffic accidents and fatalities around the world, the U.S. Department of State implemented the Lytx DriveCam® safety program with telematics and video-based driver coaching. After only 18 months using the program, they logged more than one million driving miles with zero fatalities.

  • 62% reduction in near collisions
  • 54% decrease in the number of events
  • 49% decrease in severity of events
Read U.S. Department of State Story
U.S. Department of State
“The hundreds of hours of information collected from [Lytx] DriveCam have proven there are things drivers can do to reduce crash risk…”
Greg Wolfe and Kristin Gwin of State Magazine
Business Need
Improve Driver Performance
Featured Case Study

The City of Mobile, Alabama, Reduces Collisions by 62% with Lytx

The City of Mobile, Alabama, wanted to preserve its budget and reputation by reducing collisions and improving driver behavior. With the Lytx DriveCam™ safety program, the city has been able to protect its drivers, citizens, and reputation with a 62% reduction in collisions

  • 62% reduction in collisions
  • 39% reduction in risky driving behaviors
  • 50% reduction in near collisions
Read City of Mobile, Alabama Story
City of Mobile, Alabama
“This is a system that gives you valuable and reliable feedback. The overall result is fewer collisions, and fewer injuries and property damage.”
Gary Gamble, Safety Manager, City of Mobile, Alabama
Business Need
Manage Fleet Risk
Featured Case Study

Orange County, Florida, Reduces Collisions by 40% with Lytx

With a large and diverse fleet of over 2,200 vehicles, Orange County, Florida, was experiencing a concerning number of incidents and collisions throughout the country. With the Lytx DriveCam™ safety program and strong union support and engagement, the county reduced collisions by 40%.

  • 90% reduction in coachable incidents
  • 74% reduction in total cost of collisions
  • 40% fewer collisions
Read Orange County, Florida Story
Orange County, Florida
“With [Lytx] DriveCam, we reduced collisions by coaching drivers on leading indicators—that is, the driving problems the cameras picked up, which occur consistently, whether a particular driver had an incident or not. That was our primary reason for—and the chief value we got from—choosing [Lytx] DriveCam.”
John Petrelli, Manager of Risk Management, Orange County Government
Business Need
Improve Driver Performance
Featured Case Study

MedStar Mobile Healthcare Cuts Collisions and Costs with Lytx

MedStar Mobile Healthcare wanted to reduce speeding in its fleet to better protect its ambulance drivers and patients. The Lytx DriveCam™ safety program and Lytx® Speed Management program enhancement helped MedStar to proactively address risky driving behaviors and significantly reduce collisions and related costs.


  • 50% reduction in major incidents, including collisions
  • 80% reduction in bent metal costs
  • .047–.043 reduced insurance experience modifier
Read MedStar Story
"The return on our investment … has been great. With the installation of [the DriveCam program] we’ve been able to reduce major events by half."
Shaun Curtis, Risk & Safety Manager, MedStar
Business Need
Improve Driver Performance
Featured Case Study

U.S. Marine Corps Reduces Speeding, Saves Lives, and Increases Efficiency with Lytx Programs

The USMC's Southwest Region Fleet Transportation (SWRFT) Non-Tactical Vehicles Department needed to prevent collisions to protect marines’ lives and increase its fleet’s efficiency. With the Lytx DriveCam™ safety and telematics program, the department reduced speeding up to 40%, and has experienced zero casualties while covering twelve million miles per year. It also reduced fossil fuel usage as mandated by Executive Order (E.O.) 13693.

  • 40% reduction in speeding
  • 60% decrease in fuel usage, carbon emissions, and idle time
  • 12MM miles driven per year with no casualties
Read USMC Story
“We have gained a tremendous advantage in working with the Lytx’s telematics and video-based safety technology. It has placed us on a fast track to understanding our fleet, to best utilizing its resources, and to making it safer. It helps us to save costs, and most importantly, to save lives.”
Gary Funk, SWRFT Regional Fleet Manager, USMC
Business Need
Optimize Productivity
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Texas PRIMA Annual Conference & Expo 2018

This November, team Lytx is headed to Irving for Texas PRIMA (Public Risk Management Association) Annual Conference & Expo.

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Harness the Power of Safety

Our DriveCam® safety programs, DriveCam EnterpriseSM and DriveCam ProtectSM, help to identify, prioritize and correct the causes of poor driving helping to prevent collisions and fraudulent claims while saving lives.

Lytx DriveCam Enterprise

Our most comprehensive program for improving driver behavior and reducing collisions, claims costs, and fuel use. 


  • Manage every driver in your fleet
  • For fleets with 20+ vehicles; unlimited depot locations
  • Extensive program support and quarterly reviews
  • Instant access to extended video when paired with Lytx Video Services

Lytx DriveCam Protect

Streamlined safety program for lean fleet operations needing an efficient way to manage the riskiest fraction of their fleet. 


  • Identify and coach the riskiest 20% of your fleet
  • For fleets with less than 350 vehicles; up to three locations
  • Easy to manage with limited resources
  • Optional training available

Bundle with Program Enhancements

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“The hundreds of hours of information collected from [Lytx] DriveCam have proven there are things drivers can do to reduce crash risk…”
Greg Wolfe and Kristin Gwin of State Magazine


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