DriveCam to Provide Updates on Waste Industry Safety at 2011 Waste Training Institute


SAN DIEGO – May 10, 2011 – DriveCam Inc., the leading provider of Driver Risk Management solutions, announced today that it will be developing and presenting the safety workshop at the 2011 Waste Training Institute, which will take place during WasteExpo, May 9-11 in Dallas, TX. Recognized as a safety expert, DriveCam recently announced multi-year service contracts with major solid waste companies, such as Waste Connections, Veolia Environmental Services and Progressive Waste Solutions.

The Waste Training Institute (WTI) is an industry-specific business training initiative designed to help employees in small-, medium- and large- waste services companies run their businesses better, smarter and more effectively. Workshops will be presented by subject matter experts on select topics to assist companies in running a profitable business.

“Safety improvement is one area where companies can make a difference in their bottom line,” commented DriveCam CEO Brandon Nixon. “We are delighted that WTI realizes this and understands the monetary impact that safety can make to a company’s profitability. We applaud WTI’s inclusion of this important topic into this high- profile event.”

This year’s topic is “Right -Side Driving vs. Left -Side Driving: A Comparison of Risks.” As with other large commercial vehicles, the sheer size of a solid waste truck creates significant blind spots, which can lead to accidents. But, unlike other large commercial vehicles, only waste trucks drive on both sides of the road. This unique capability creates unusual problems for the waste industry. However, there is little data available that contrasts the risks of right-side driving with that of left-side driving. 

With three of the largest waste companies as clients, DriveCam has the unique ability to access millions of risky driving events and will share with the audience the findings of recent research on this topic.

  • How prevalent are right-side accidents vs. left-side accidents?
  • Which risky driving behaviors occur more often during right-side driving vs. left-side driving?
  • What types of accidents occur more frequently due to right-side driving vs. left-side driving?

And, most importantly, what can be done to reduce the number of accidents from occurring due to both right-side and left-side driving?

About DriveCam Inc.

As proven experts in the science of safe and efficient driving, DriveCam prevents collisions and reduces fuel costs by improving the way people drive. Our solution addresses the causes of poor driving by combining data and video analytics with real-time driver feedback and coaching, resulting in reductions in collision-related costs and fuel consumption in over 160,000 commercial vehicles. In addition, DriveCam has monitored and analyzed data from over 3 billion driving miles and holds the world’s largest database of risky driving, which is continually used to improve proprietary analytics and deliver insights into transportation industry trends. DriveCam was recently recognized as #30 in The Wall Street Journal’s listing of Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies.