Perfect Transportation Finds Perfect Partner in Lytx DriveCam Program


Company Sees Decrease of 50% in Severity of Events and Dramatic Improvement in Seat Belt Use through deployment of Lytx DriveCam Program ~

June 3, 2015 – San Diego, Calif. – Lytx, Inc., the global leader in video-based driver safety, today announced that Perfect Transportation LLC has deployed the Lytx DriveCam™ Program throughout its fleet. Perfect Transportation assists with both the pickup and delivery of plastic recyclable pallets that are circulated from commercial printers to newspapers. The Indianapolis, Indiana-based company is very safety-conscious and is expanding quickly, which prompted its search for a driver safety solution that can grow with them. To bolster their safety culture and commitment to providing quality service, the company chose to partner with Lytx, the market leader in video-based driver safety, to help identify and mitigate risk and better ensure its employees’ safety.

“We think the DriveCam Program is genius. Not only does it show what happens in our fleet, it provides information to help us know what’s going to happen so we can take action before it does,” said Amy Lathrop, Chief Operating Officer for Perfect Transportation. “It provides key indicators of who is likely to be involved in a property-damage accident, and helps us answer questions such as: what is the trigger that will cause a driver to do something risky? When do we take action?”

“It’s compelling to see the instances of poor driving, and then positively change drivers’ lives by making them aware of their risky habits and coaching them to drive better,” Lathrop adds. “By doing this, we’re also saving the lives of others on the road.”

Perfect Transportation has seen significant positive results with the DriveCam® Program. The combination of identifying risky drivers, leveraging actionable predictive analytics to prevent collisions, and the captured video event to provide drivers with insight into how they are driving has lead to a dramatic improvement in safety. The company has found coaching drivers on risky driving behaviors whether in person with the DriveCam Program or with the remote coaching feature to be easy and effective. With the resulting positive changes in driver behavior, the severity of risky driving events has decreased by 50%, the frequency of coachable events per vehicle has dropped by 20%, and cell phone usage has decreased by 15%. The company has also seen a dramatic improvement in seatbelt use.

“Perfect Transportation’s utilization of the DriveCam Program exemplifies how to best leverage the comprehensive solution, and it makes us proud to be their driver safety solution provider,” said Adam McCarty, Vice-President, Mid-Market Team for Lytx. “Their clear commitment to safety and willingness to take full advantage of our program’s technology, data, insights, and coaching options has led to early outstanding results, and is a model of what we want our clients to experience.”


About Perfect Transportation

Founded in 2003, Perfect Transportation, LLC is a family-run private carrier with over 40 years of experience in the trucking industry behind it. With its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, and terminals in Phoenix, AZ and Nashville, TN, they are in an ideal position to service every part of the country. As a partner to Perfect Pallets, Inc., Perfect Transportation assists with both pickup and delivery of plastic recyclable pallets along with finished newsprint inserts between commercial printers and newspapers. Perfect Transportation is proud to be on the leading edge of technological advancements in the industry while also holding its dedicated company drivers to the highest safety standards possible.

About Lytx

At Lytx, we harness the power of data to change human behavior and help good companies become even better. Our flagship product, Lytx DriveCam® sets the standard for driver safety in the industries we serve, and our RAIR® Compliance Services helps DOT-regulated fleets comply with safety regulations, complementing the DriveCam® Program. We protect more than 1,300 commercial and government fleet clients worldwide who drive billions of miles. Our clients realize significant ROI by lowering operating and insurance costs, while achieving greater efficiency and compliance. Most of all, we strive to help save lives – on our roads and in our communities, every day. Lytx is privately held and headquartered in San Diego. For more information, visit, @lytx on Twitter, or on our YouTube channel.