DriveCam Awarded Blanket Purchase Agreement Contract from US General Services Administration

SAN DIEGO – May 11, 2010 – DriveCam, Inc., a global Driver Risk Management Company, today announced it has been awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement # GS-30F-BPA01, effective April 7, 2011, by the US General Services Administration, for the purchase of DriveCam in-vehicle video recorders and driver feedback systems for the purpose of GPS vehicle tracking and in-vehicle video recording.

“We are pleased that the US General Services Administration has selected DriveCam as a provider of safety services throughout the US government,” commented DriveCam CEO, Brandon Nixon. “Our product and service is currently being used in thousands of government vehicles in the US Navy, US Marine Corps and the Department of State, among others. We look forward to expanding our presence through this GSA Award and giving additional government fleets the ability to prevent collisions and reduce fuel costs throughout their fleets.”

The award of this BPA is timely as it helps government fleets meet the lower distracted driving and fuel consumption mandates called for by President Obama in Executive Orders 13513 and 13514. DriveCam has been proven to help in both areas, as evidenced by those government agencies and commercial fleets using the product. The Department of State reported that “The DriveCam program resulted in a 62 percent reduction in near collisions, a 54 percent decrease in the number of events, a 49 percent decrease in the severity of events and a 71 percent improvement in seat belt usage in the program’s first year of operation.”

Ninety-five percent of all collisions involve driver error. That’s why the DriveCam Program focuses on the causes of poor driving to eliminate driver error, while preventing collisions, faulty claims and wasted fuel.  With video and audio, DriveCam continuously monitors risky driving behavior and provides real-time driver feedback. The data and exception-based video events are reviewed and systematically assessed for risk. This data helps drivers to drive safer and more efficiently, significantly reducing fuel and carbon emissions.  DriveCam has been proven to improve fuel savings by up to 12%.

About DriveCam Inc.

As proven experts in the science of safe and efficient driving, DriveCam prevents collisions and reduces fuel costs by improving the way people drive. Our solution addresses the causes of poor driving by combining data and video analytics with real-time driver feedback and coaching, resulting in reductions in collision-related costs and fuel consumption in over 160,000 commercial vehicles. In addition, DriveCam has monitored and analyzed data from over 3 billion driving miles and holds the world’s largest database of risky driving, which is continually used to improve proprietary analytics and deliver insights into transportation industry trends. DriveCam was recently recognized as #30 in The Wall Street Journal’s listing of Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies. For more information, visit