RAIR Training


  • Identify violations within RAIR®’s system and assign targeted training modules with a link to Pro-TREAD
  • More than 70 interactive one-on-one lessons range from basic to advanced subjects
  • Accessible to drivers online or in-cab, helping drivers make use of downtime
  • Each driver’s training history is automatically recorded in an online database, helping you manage drivers and limit exposure to risk
  • Requires drivers to exhibit mastery by answering questions correctly every few minutes
  • Standardized training complies with federal and state DOT regulations and is automatically updated as regulations change


RAIR’s system enables carriers to identify compliance issues within their fleet and then actively address the issues with targeted online training. Consider this example.


fleet driver safety training

Monitor Performance
The safety manager for a fleet of tankers notices an increase in his Vehicle Maintenance BASIC score, which is now approaching the 80% threshold.

Prioritize Issues
The safety manager identifies one fleet manager whose drivers have contributed the most points to the company’s Vehicle Maintenance BASIC score.

driver safety training

rair support

Identify Causes
To determine the cause of this trend, the safety manager identifies six drivers whose DVIRs do not list the defects that caused the vehicle-related violations.

Address Causes
The safety manager assigns the web-based Tanker Pre-Trip Inspection training module to each of the six drivers who completed their DVIRs improperly. The drivers’ training progress is recorded in an online database, and the safety manager prints certificates of completion for each driver.

rair training

The Vehicle Maintenance BASIC scores for the drivers and the carrier will improve as the retrained drivers submit accurate and complete DVIRs and time passes without recurring violations.