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    M&W Logistics Group Commits to a Safer Future with Fleetwide Deployment of Lytx Video Telematics Solution

    Lytx provided unrivaled analytic capabilities and more precise results, exceeding competitor’s offerings and winning M&W’s busines

    SAN DIEGO — June 13, 2019 — 

    Lytx, a leading provider of video telematics, analytics, safety and productivity solutions for commercial and public sector fleets, today announced Nashville’s M&W Logistics Group, Inc. will deploy the Lytx Driver Safety Program across its entire 145-vehicle fleet.

    M&W Logistics Group, a family-owned and operated third-party logistics provider, has always put safety and professionalism first, receiving first- and second-place fleet safety awards from the Truckload Carrier Association, American Trucking Associations and Tennessee Trucking Association for the last five years. The team is confident that Lytx video-based fleet solutions will provide valuable support in taking its safety and service quality to the next level.

    “The majority of our customer base is made up of clients we’ve been serving for many years, who have stuck with us because of the quality of our services and our philosophy of treating every customer like family,” said Chris Woody, safety manager at M&W Logistics Group. “The same is true within our fleet; we work hard to make our drivers feel like family, and this includes getting every driver home safely at the end of their shift.”

    Though they had worked with another video telematics company for several years, after a thorough evaluation, Woody and the M&W team decided to switch to Lytx. “The Lytx platform provides superior access to video of an incident so we can get the facts in minutes, and the Driver Safety Program helps us address the risks and behaviors necessary to improve our driver’s safety performance,” Woody continued.

    Lytx’s new modular product offerings also appealed to M&W Logistics Group, allowing the company to create a custom package of Lytx capabilities personalized to its fleet. Lytx draws from more than 20 years of industry leadership to develop smart solutions that truly solve each customers’ unique challenges. The company’s unparalleled database of driving behaviors trains machine vision and artificial intelligence-based solutions to recognize and flag risky driving with incredible accuracy. Lytx cuts through the noise to deliver real insights that help M&W save valuable time and prioritize focus where it matters most—improving driver safety and protecting their bottom line.

    Seeking Safety Fleetwide

    M&W Logistics Group views its implementation of the Lytx Driver Safety Program as an extension of its commitment to the health and safety of its team. The company first installed a video telematics system after a serious collision several years ago, and a recent trial with Lytx quickly revealed how much more the technology could offer as compared to their previous solution. Combining video capture of dangerous driving behaviors with advanced analytics derived from the company’s database of over 100 billion miles and professional human review, Lytx’s Driver Safety Program offers relevant coaching insights to help M&W improve driving safety.

    For M&W Logistics Group, the program revealed how often its drivers were using cell phones and following vehicles at unsafe distances, both of which are linked to an increased risk of a collision and are difficult to detect without video.

    “Once we began seeing the driving data from our fleet, we realized how much we were missing. It became clear that drivers who we thought were safe were actually just lucky,” Woody said. “With all of this new information delivered as coachable insights we were able to use to tailor our interactions with each driver, we have an opportunity to support better and safer habits in every one of our employees.”

    An Industry Shift Toward Safety

    Woody notes a distinct change in the trucking industry in the past few years; while 30 years ago, companies were concerned with efficiency above all else, fleets are more accepting of video, and are now putting safety ahead of speed — and addressing it with the help of fleet solutions like those from Lytx.

    Recognizing this cultural shift in the industry and understanding unsafe behaviors don’t change instantly, M&W Logistics Group, has developed safety programs that focus on positive coaching and reinforcement, rather than punitive measures. M&W Logistics Group offers good drivers a safety bonus every four weeks, as a way to recognize the hard work put in to change unsafe behaviors and reward safe driving throughout the year.

    “We know that our drivers have spent decades driving with a priority on speed and efficiency, and the habits they’ve built in those years won’t change overnight,” said Woody. “We believe in our drivers and see the implementation of Lytx’s video solutions as a way to help them better understand their driving patterns and perform at their full potential — never as a way to punish or discipline them. Every driver we hire is an investment and we are dedicated to helping them grow as a member of the M&W Logistics Group family for as long as possible.”

    About Lytx

    Lytx® is a leading provider of video telematics, analytics, safety and productivity solutions for commercial and public sector fleets. Our unrivaled Driver Safety Program, powered by our best-in-class DriveCam® Event Recorder, is proven to help save lives and reduce risk. We harness the power of video to help clients see what happened in the past, manage their operations more efficiently in the present, and improve driver behavior to change the future. Our customizable services and programs span driver safety, risk detection, fleet tracking, compliance and fuel management. Using the world’s largest driving database of its kind, along with proprietary machine vision and artificial intelligence technology, we help protect and connect thousands of fleets and more than one million drivers worldwide. For more information, visit, @lytx on Twitter, LinkedIn, our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

    About M&W Logistics Group

    M&W Logistics Group, Inc. is a transportation and 3PL Company headquartered in Nashville, Tenn. The company operates terminals out of Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and Indianapolis. M&W began in 1973 and remains family-owned and operated with a simple operating philosophy: Listening to their customers and providing the best possible solution to meet their needs in a cost-effective manner, while valuing safety and professionalism. M&W takes the time to make sure all employees are equipped to meet the demanding needs of today’s supply chain market. Drivers interested in joining the M&W team can learn more at M&W Logistics Group also produces a weekly podcast, The Drive, covering everything from fueling tips for drivers to policy changes to famous truck drivers, available at

    M&W Logistics will deploy the Lytx Driver Safety Program