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    Case Study

    JBS Carriers sees an 80% improvement in traffic violations with Lytx

    overall improvement in traffic violations
    improvement in following distance
    improvement in driver seat belt usage

    The DriveCam Difference

    JBS Carriers wanted to reinforce its belief in safety for its fleet. By implementing the Lytx® Driver Safety Programme, the company's drivers increased awareness of their surroundings and reduced unsafe habits like speeding, following too closely, cornering, and hard braking.

    CSA scores improved, and JBS saw a positive ROI with reduced collisions and injuries. The company also improved the frequency of traffic violations by 80%.

    Further, the company alleviated driver concerns about the Driver Safety Programme with recognition of safe driving habits and collision avoidance. Drivers also felt confident in the Driver Safety Programme when it came to litigation.


    • Wanted to reduce accidents and injuries for about 570 drivers


    • Reduced collisions and injuries
    • Saw significant ROI in terms of serious accident costs
    • Improved the frequency of traffic violations by 80%
    • Improved following distance by 61%
    • Improved driver seat belt usage by 88%


    • Implemented Lytx® Driver Safety Programme
    • Proactive communication about what the Driver Safety Programme is to alleviate driver concerns
    • Gave positive recognition to model drivers