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    The Adoption of Video Telematics is on the Rise

    The use of video by fleets in Europe is expected to grow 125% to 1.8 million active units by the year 2025. In North America, adoption of video is expected to grow 110% to 4.4 million active units. This growth comes as companies harness the power of video to help improve fleet safety and operational efficiency. 

    As fleets consider adopting or upgrading their video technology, they need to look for a sustainable, long-term solution that can help mitigate challenges such as the prevalence of distracted driving, time and expense of implementing new systems, and privacy and security regulations.

    Intelligent dash cams can help reduce distracted driving

    With global supply chain issues and driver shortages, it’s more important than ever to keep drivers and vehicles safe and on the road. Up to 80% of preventable accidents are caused by distracted driving each year.  Advanced dash cams with machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) can help mitigate distracted driving by identifying risky behaviours and sending a real-time alert so the driver can self-correct before an incident occurs.† Safer drivers can lead to a reduction in incidents and claims cost, and help operations continue as planned.

    Easily integrate video with your existing platform

    Fleets looking to incorporate a video solution don’t have to go through the time and expense of starting over. Dash cams that use open APIs can integrate with existing telematics platforms quickly and seamlessly, creating a powerful all-in-one solution. This allows managers to keep what’s already working for them while gaining the benefits of advanced video technology.

    Configurability to meet each fleet’s unique needs

    What is important to one fleet may be less so for another. For example, fleets may have to comply with various policy and privacy regulations depending on service location and client conditions. Fleets need a configurable solution that offers the flexibility to determine which features they want to use.

    Safety and sustainability go hand-in-hand

    The heart of any fleet is its drivers. Sustainability is about more than reducing fuel emissions and tracking the longevity of tyres. It’s about conserving resources, which means human resources as well. Protecting drivers and providing tools to empower them to become better, safer drivers is important to realising the full potential of a connected fleet.

    A smart and simple dash cam solution

    The Surfsight™ solution is a configurable, easy-to-use dash cam that offers advanced technology and robust safety features. Lytx’s propriety MV+AI technology identifies risky driving behaviours and provides First Notification of Risk (FNOR) to alert drivers so they can self-correct. Lytx First Notification of Risk solutions, such as Surfsight, provide a proactive approach to fleet safety that empowers drivers and managers to mitigate risks before they become incidents.

    Built to make day-to-day operations easier for fleet managers, the Surfsight solution is simple to install, intuitive to operate, and integrates seamlessly through advanced APIs.