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    Commercial vehicles driving through a lighted intersection

    Transform your business
    with the power of video

    Protect drivers, reduce costs, and drive operational efficiencies with the global
    leader in video safety and video telematics. 

    The power of video safety and video telematics

    See how our clients and strategic partners use our applications and platform to enhance safety and simplify fleet operations.

    Lytx video safety and video telematics applications

    Solutions to help keep your fleet operating at peak performance. 

    Empower and reward improved driver behavior with real-time alerts, proactive driver-focused tools, streamlined coaching workflows, and recognition.


    Track vehicles, improve operational and fuel efficiency, and stay on top of maintenance with     GPS tracking enhanced by video.


    Save costs and ensure your vehicles are always ready for the road with preventative maintenance and driver vehicle inspections.


    Streamline ELD compliance processes and ensure accurate hours- of-service reporting with up-to-date access to driver records of duty statuses.


    Serving fleets of all types

    We help fleets across various industries improve safety and achieve operational efficiencies. See how companies like yours use our solutions to drive impressive results.

    Experience you can trust

    We’ve delivered incredible results for our clients for more than 25 years.

    Our clients saved $1.4 billion on claims costs in 2022+
    Up to 80% reduction in clients' claims costs+

    An estimated $920 million savings in fuel costs

    A.D. Transport Express
    "If there was one technology I could have had throughout my 32 years in the transportation business, [Lytx] would be it. It’s another set of eyes. It’s proof. It protects the driver. And it protects the company."
    Safety Manager, Risk Management, A.D. Transport Express
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    "My client services representative is always accessible, and the whole staff is supportive. Lytx’s services do not miss a beat on compliance-related issues, and as a result, neither do we."
    Leslie Stout
    Director of Safety, CalArk
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    National Grid
    "The Lytx Driver Safety Program helped us make safe driving a top priority by coaching and reducing unsafe driving habits. We shifted to a culture that emphasizes the safe driving habits of our good drivers through positive recognition programs."
    Vehicle Safety Manager, National Grid
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    Smart Care
    "The fleet tracking piece is paramount to our business. We could not survive without it. Our dispatch team solely uses the fleet tracking portion of Lytx to know where our technicians are at all times."
    Kevin Kelley
    Safety and Health Manager, Smart Care
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    "We have gained a tremendous advantage in working with the telematics and video-based safety technology,” said Funk. “It has placed us on a fast track to understanding our fleet, to best utilizing its resources, and to making it safer. It helps us to save costs, and most importantly, to save lives."
    SWRFT Regional Fleet Manager, United States Marine Corps
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    Orange County, Florida
    "The fleet video recorders enabled us to see a lot of poor driving behaviors which we addressed with those drivers through the coaching. Over the trial period, we saw a reduction of about 90% coachable incidents."
    Manager of Risk Management, Orange County, Florida, Government
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    Interested in reselling Lytx?

    Trusted by the world’s leading telematics service providers, we provide a premier resale solution for partners to offer our best-in-class fleet technologies to their own customers including hardware, APIs, and a white label platform.

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    The Lytx Difference


    Our team is invested in your success. We work with you to help ensure that your company achieves extraordinary results, from configuring the right solutions to meet your business needs to helping you get the greatest return on your investment. We’re always expanding by listening to our customers and using their input to shape our next generation of features and capabilities.


    Our machine vision and artificial intelligence are powered by a robust driving database (221 billion miles and counting), resulting in connected, accurate, actionable insights that keep fleets safe, on-schedule, efficient, and productive. We continuously evolve to deliver cutting-edge updates that help customers simplify processes, save time, and focus on driving results for their business.


    For more than 25 years, Lytx has been a leading provider of complete fleet management solutions. We’re focused on addressing all of your fleet needs, all in one place, with all together powerful solutions. We help fleets identify risk, stay safer, optimize efficiency and gain greater productivity. Our smart, simple hardware, software, and API integrations provide a single, consolidated view of your fleet.