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    Construction, services, and utilities

    Increase fleet efficiency and safety with video telematics.

    Reduce operating costs and improve efficiency

    Advanced video telematics can help you track your vehicles and assets while maintaining a healthy fleet. See the impact to your bottom line 
    when you improve time to service, lessen vehicle downtime, and improve safety to reduce costly incident claims.

    Locate, track, and manage your vehicles in real time

    Help your fleet meet customer demand for fast, accurate service and ensure operational efficiency. Our GPS fleet tracking software is integrated with industry-leading video to help you efficiently manage and monitor your assets in the field. Keep technicians on schedule, improve time to service, and review driving video for a complete, real-time* picture of fleet performance. 


    Keep vehicles in top shape with preventative maintenance

    With maintenance insights, you’ll be able to monitor inefficient vehicles so you can optimize fleet operations. Our preventative maintenance tools help you create automated notifications to track critical maintenance measures that keep vehicles operating optimally and prolong vehicle life.


    Reduce claims costs and help avoid costly litigation

    Safety is key to protecting your bottom line. Whether you're concerned with safety on the road or on the job site, our solutions can help you address risky behavior before it turns into a costly incident. With easy-to-use tools for your technicians, contractors, or drivers, you can start changing unsafe behavior today while also ensuring lasting change over time. 


    Success stories from the field

    Learn how other companies use our solutions to solve challenges like yours.

    Sunstate Equipment

    Sunstate has successfully driven significant, sustained reductions in risk and achieved high levels of operational efficiency with safety at their core. 

    National Grid

    National Grid has drastically reduced collisions and improved fleet safety through a continual focus on safety culture and positive reinforcement.

    The Lytx Difference

    Machine vision + artificial intelligence

    Our driver safety solutions pair machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) with traditional telematics sensors to help fleets efficiently and accurately capture risks, alert drivers to address risks on the road as they happen, and support fleet managers with a complete and customizable toolkit for effective behavior change.

    Trusted insights driven by data

    Our MV+AI technology is informed by more than 25 years of commercial driving data — representing more than 221 billion miles from all types of vehicles and road conditions. Accurate results save you the time and energy it takes to filter through notifications that don’t represent true risk, while also helping to ensure you don’t miss critical events.

    Customizable fleet management solutions

    We help simplify your fleet management with technologies that can scale or be combined to meet your needs today and into the future. Our innovative hardware, intuitive software, and effortless API integrations can all be configured to support your unique goals and connect all the dots to save you time and resources.

    The power of video telematics

    See how our clients use video telematics to enhance and simplify fleet management.

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    Experience you can trust

    We’ve delivered incredible results for our clients for more than 25 years.

    More than 2.1 million drivers protected worldwide
    Up to 80% reduction in clients' claims costs+
    221 billion miles of professionally analyzed driving data