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    Fleet asset tracking service
    and solutions

    Protect your powered assets and track usage.

    Keep track of equipment with asset tracking technology

    See how our asset tracking solution can help you understand utilization and improve efficiency.


    Easy self installation via a single 3-6 foot cable gets your assets up and running in no time.

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    Asset tracking software provides historical and real-time* GPS locations of tracked assets.


    Understand and optimize asset utilization for improved workflow and reduced costs.

    Asset tracking: how it works

    See what our asset tracking technology can do for you.

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    Benefits of GPS asset tracking solutions

    Dive into the benefits of our asset tracking application.

    Whether you need to maintain an inventory of asset locations, or want to better understand how your assets are being utilized, you’ll need an asset tracking system that is nimble, easy to install, and reusable for on-the-fly tracking.

    That’s where our easy-to-use asset tracking tools can help. Fleet asset tracking devices can be quickly and easily installed for a variety of asset management needs. Focus on keeping your operations running smoothly while our asset tracking software works seamlessly in the background.
    Our asset tracking system can give you the insights you need to understand how often and where your assets are being used, so you can better allocate resources for improved efficiency and increased profits.

    Get notified when a vehicle has remained dormant for a period of time, when an asset enters or leaves a custom geofence, or when battery life falls below a designated threshold. This information can help shed light into overall equipment utilization, answering questions such as whether you need to acquire more or divest.
    With almost $1 billion in large machinery lost or stolen in the United States every year—and 75% never recovered—many of today’s construction fleet managers need an asset tracking solution that allows them to secure and locate their equipment on a moment’s notice.

    Our asset tracking devices let you know where all your valuable machinery is at all times. Quick access to data by vehicle or asset serial number through our asset tracking app gives users key information, such as the last time an asset was moved or its current location.
    No matter your commercial asset tracking needs, we offer a flexible asset tracking solution that allows you to customize your experience with important notifications.

    By leveraging customizable notifications and an easy to access dashboard alongside your existing fleet management solutions, your team can focus on growing your business instead of keeping track of equipment..

    Asset tracking software features

    Take a deeper look into our asset tracking solutions.


    Current estimated address of assets at a moment’s notice.


    Location history of where assets have been in a given timeframe.


    Access to battery level/power supply data, whether it’s hardwired or battery operated.

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    Geofence history, with the ability to set notifications when assets enter/exit defined areas.

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    Customizable notification features to alert for asset dormancy or remaining battery levels.


    Asset usage data to enable effective asset deployment and to support equipment investment or divestment decisions.


    Pierce Transit
    U.S. Department of State
    NFI Industries
    Orange County, Florida

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    The City of Mobile, Alabama
    "We’ve been taking advantage of the fleet tracking program to help with speeding issues. We know if vehicles go where they shouldn’t. Next, we’ll be looking for excessive idle time to help conserve fuel, and using the insights we gain to create and enforce an idling policy."
    Fleet Safety Manager, City of Mobile, Alabama
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    "We have gained a tremendous advantage in working with the telematics and video-based safety technology,” said Funk. “It has placed us on a fast track to understanding our fleet, to best utilizing its resources, and to making it safer. It helps us to save costs, and most importantly, to save lives."
    SWRFT Regional Fleet Manager, United States Marine Corps
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    Liquid Environmental Solutions
    "We have a fleet logistics routing system, but GPS is not easy to use. I like that the [Driver Safety] program has integrated fleet tracking into its driver risk management system—it’s readily accessible and easy to use."
    Vice President of Established Relations, Liquid Environmental Solutions
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    Integrated Landscape Management
    "With the help of the Lytx Driver Safety Program, we’ve achieved a higher level of safety in our organization–on the road, but also at the work site itself. The program has caused our technicians and managers to keep safety top of mind in all that they do. It starts with driving, but leads into everything else."
    Doug Clark
    General Manager, Integrated Landscape Management
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    Smart Care
    "The fleet tracking piece is paramount to our business. We could not survive without it. Our dispatch team solely uses the fleet tracking portion of Lytx to know where our technicians are at all times."
    Kevin Kelley
    Safety and Health Manager, Smart Care
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    Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about asset tracking

    Asset tracking software utilizes the global positioning system (GPS), or sometimes radio frequency identification (RFID), to help keep track of vehicles and other types of mobile assets in time. Given that RFID asset tracking cannot provide real-time geospatial data, our GPS-based fleet and asset tracking software sets us apart from other asset tracking companies. GPS asset tracking solutions can update you with current vehicle locations as they move. Our asset tracking software will help you understand not only where your assets are at any given time, but the critical context needed to understand exactly how they’re being used, as well as other asset management needs.
    With annual lost or stolen machinery topping over $1 billion a year, theft remains a big business and a primary concern for many fleets. With the average cost of a single piece of yellow iron machinery running in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, keeping equipment safe and secure with mobile asset tracking is key to protecting your bottom line from costly insurance premiums and other non-insurance related expenses such as business interruption and project delays. Enterprise asset tracking software helps you keep a close eye on your fleet, with notifications to alert you of any potential misuse or possible theft.