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    Run a compliant business with the leader in video telematics.

    Meet your VEDR contracting standard with Lytx today

    As a global leader in video safety and qualified VEDR vendor, Lytx® serves over 3,500 service providers, protecting over 35,000 drivers. With 25+ years of experience, our team knows how to support you and your business.

    Our advanced dual-lens video event data recorder meets your VEDR contracting standard. Lytx’s safety solution can help you reduce claims costs by up to 80% and is trusted by the top fleets in the world.  All this, for one low monthly price and zero upfront costs!


    Save valuable time with these
    key features service providers love

    Our approved MV+AI VEDR device:

    • Helps identify distracted and risky driving behavior inside and outside the vehicle
    • Provides configurable coaching options
    • Is powered by Lytx data which helps machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) deliver accurate results 

    Interested in learning more? See how Lytx MV+AI works 

    Quickly and easily access video

    • Retrieve video events on demand from your cell phone*
    • Search for video by address, point of interest, or time frame
    • Efficiently respond to claims, offer driver’s assistance, track compliance and more

    400 hour DVR lookback

    • Access up to 400#  hours of continual video on demand
    • Easily investigate complaints
    • Provide video proof-of delivery
    • Quickly exonerate drivers from false claims

    Efficient coaching workflow

    • Batch coach multiple driver events in one session
    • Deliver rapid ROI for your business

    "With Lytx, I'm able to login, search an event time-frame and watch the video within 2 minutes as if watching it in real time. It is very organized."

    Robert Whitlow
    Fleet Safety Manager H&C Group

    "Lytx's lease program is incredibly affordable and a no-brainer."

    John Abrams
    Centurion Logistics


    Sales tax not included. 36-month subscription term required for lease options and 24-month subscription required for purchase options. 
    Available to qualified purchasers. Please reach out to a Lytx account representative for Terms and Conditions and details.

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    Experience you can trust

    We’ve delivered incredible results for our clients for more than 20 years. 

    More than 3.4 million drivers protected worldwide
    Up to 80% reduction in clients' claims costs+
    261 billion miles of professionally analyzed driving data

    Frequently asked questions

    VEDR stands for Video Event Data Recorder. It is the device that provides video insights into your vehicles and drivers and is required to achieve your VEDR compliance. 
    The Lytx Video Event Data Record (VEDR) is a dual-facing in-vehicle camera that utilizes machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) to capture and deliver critical information to help improve fleet safety and reduce the costs associated with accidents. Lytx’s VEDR safety program gives your service providers the resources they need to stay complaint with VEDR industry standards and contractual obligations.

    Lytx’s VEDR safety program provides many benefits to SPs including: on-demand video search and download, access to up to 400# hours of continual video (200 hours per lens), increased efficiency to respond to claims, verify service, pinpoint incidents, track compliance and much more.

    Lytx is the industry leader in video telematics. With more than 25 years in business, and data pulled from billions of miles driven, Lytx’s advanced MV+AI capability to identify risky events and notify managers of video to review is unrivaled. Our rate of low false-positives means managers only spend time reviewing necessary video. Our experience and solutions helps your telematics improve safety while saving time and costs. 
    Lytx’s SF300 video event data recorder is a one-box solution to fulfill your VEDR contracting needs. It is equipped with ADAS technology, which includes lane departure and forward collision warning. This LTE VEDR program provides the latest technology advancements to help you meet your KI requirements including extended recording, MV+AI triggered events, the ability to trim and transfer your saved events—along with an easy to implement and manage coaching workflow to help you maintain and achieve KI thresholds set forth.

    Even if your trucks are already equipped with ADAS Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW), you can benefit from a system like Lytx.

    Lytx’s SF300 VEDR systems includes advanced MV+AI technology that uncovers additional risk not captured by your OEM ADAS. In addition, the SF300 gives you access to future MV+AI capabilities at no additional cost.

    Ready to get started with the industry leader in video telematics? It’s easy! Contact a Lytx VEDR expert today at 888.539.5989 or email


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