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    Fleet management solutions

    Improve safety, productivity, and compliance with industry-leading video safety and video telematics.

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    Run a safe, efficient fleet

    Lytx® simplifies fleet management with innovative hardware, intuitive software, and useful API integrations so you can know what's happening in your fleet.
    Our customizable fleet management solutions include:

    • Comprehensive video safety solutions powered by machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) to help you detect and address risky driving.
    • Real-time* GPS fleet tracking to help you keep track of vehicle location and maintenance.
    • ELD and DVIR solutions to help you streamline driver and vehicle compliance.
    • Asset tracking to help you keep track of valuable yellow iron machinery.

    Together our fleet management solutions provide the critical context needed to eliminate guesswork so you can make the most of your time and resources. 


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    Explore our fleet management solutions

    Our video safety and video telematics applications will help you keep your fleet safe, compliant, and productive.

    fleet safety technology notifying driver of cell phone use

    Fleet safety solutions

    Proactively manage your fleet risk with the latest driver-focused tools powered by MV+AI to help change behavior in the moment, prevent collisions, and improve your bottom line.

    interface of gps fleet tracking application

    GPS fleet tracking

    Get real-time* access to fleet status to help you respond faster, keep vehicles up and running, ensure customer satisfaction, maximize revenue, and reduce expenses.

    ELD driver app


    Streamline compliance for drivers and fleet managers to keep your fleet safe and productive while on the road.

    Driver viewing DVIR app


    Digitally manage driver vehicle inspection reports to ensure vehicles are always in top working order and ready for the road. 

    yellow iron machinery

    Asset tracking

    Track the location of heavy machinery right alongside your vehicles to maximize utilization and help prevent theft.


    Do it all with the Lytx DriveCam® event recorder

    Capture critical incidents with cloud-connected, continually recorded video and quickly find the clips you need to understand what really happened within minutes.*

    Experience you can trust

    We’ve delivered incredible results for our clients for more than 25 years.

    An estimated $402 million savings on vehicle maintenance in 2022+
    Up to 80% reduction in clients' claims costs+

    An estimated $920 million savings in fuel costs


    Depth and breadth of data

    We have compiled a vast video database of more than 221 billion driving miles captured in real and varied road conditions. We use this data to train our machine vision and artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver the most intelligent fleet management solutions available for fleets today.

    25 years of experience

    For more than 25 years, we’ve equipped vehicles with tools that help transform fleet safety, including cloud-connected dash cams, sensors, and services that provide insight into risk, coaching that changes driver behavior and video evidence when it's needed most.

    Focused on innovation

    We’re continuously innovating to build solutions that address the challenges our clients face as roads become more crowded and distracted driving continues to rise. We think customer-first, then turn to science and data to craft solutions that solve challenges and save lives.

    Frequently asked questions

    Fleet management systems work by using telematics and vehicle tracking systems like GPS to record pieces of vehicle information that are then sent to advanced software programs that analyze the stream of data. These software programs offer reports on location, speed, idling time, mileage, and trip history to help fleet managers discover trends and insights that point to opportunities for optimization and improvement. More advanced fleet tracking systems can include video, maps, speed limits, fuel consumption, traffic, and road conditions.

    Fleet management solutions can be either “real-time” or “passive.” Both types of technology offer data on vehicle location, direction, speed, etc. Real-time tools can give managers opportunities to know what’s happening in the field as it happens with live updates. Passive solutions collect data in a vehicle that can be downloaded manually or wirelessly, but it is not accessible in real time should there be an accident, emergency, security issue, or another problem.

    The most effective commercial fleet management software can help save time and money by: 

    • Providing dynamic, real-time data
    • Automating manual processes
    • Empowering car fleet managers to make better decisions backed by data
    • Connecting data and services to help you save time and resources 

    The best vehicle fleet management systems have the right equipment to efficiently relay critical information in real-time to commercial businesses so that they can pinpoint exact locations of vehicles, receive driving and maintenance updates, and monitor fuel efficiency. They also help companies build trust with their drivers and technicians, improve overall driving behavior, and reward the safest drivers in their fleet. Most importantly, a top commercial fleet management software will help improve operation processes and save money in the long run.

    Companies can improve the management of their fleet operations by focusing on automating processes and consolidating fleet management services so that fleet managers have more time and more accurate data to support decision-making and planning. Automated tools can deliver critical data to managers and executives within minutes or even seconds, saving significant time over manual analysis. And systems that can handle all of your fleet management needs reduce the need for multiple costly subscriptions and eliminate disconnected data. 

    Car fleet managers can start improving their vehicle operations by embracing telematics and collecting data to help optimize preventative maintenance and fuel management.

    A fleet management program has many components with specific best practice use cases for each. Here are examples:

    • Fleet tracking – Know where your vehicles are in real time* to maximize efficiency and productivity.
    • Safety protocol – Review safety procedures with your drivers and operators regularly and provide easy access in a simple format. 
    • Real-time driver alerts – Prompt drivers each time they engage in risky behaviors and encourage them to improve their performance without managerial intervention. 
    • Ongoing coaching - Use fleet dash cams to capture risky driving events and use the video as a coaching tool to connect with your drivers.
    • Self-coaching and accountability for drivers – Share video footage from fleet dash cams with drivers to help them improve their performance. Persistent risks and drivers who need added support can be escalated to manager coaching as needed.
    • Tracking maintenance – Know when scheduled vehicle maintenance is needed to avoid costly repairs down the road.
    • Proof of compliance – Keep certifications, registrations, insurance policies, and licenses at the ready— with digital and printed copies. Keep up with Department of Transportation regulations with services that specialize in analyzing compliance data. 

    Lytx fleet management solutions combine video, machine vision technology, and vehicle data to offer insight beyond standard telematics (or “passive” data collection) and provide companies with a full picture of their fleet at any moment. Whether your drivers are operating a commercial truck, emergency vehicle, construction truck, public transportation, or delivery van, we offer specific configurations that can be customized to fit your fleet’s needs. 

    Some of our fleet management customizations include: 

    Dash cams – Our cloud-connected camera systems provide reliable, on-demand access to live streaming and continuously recorded footage of up to 200 hours per vehicle. The ability to quickly search and locate video on demand helps to protect drivers, saves companies time and money, and improves fleet efficiency. Real-time in-cab alerts help drivers immediately self-correct to avoid risky behaviors and improve safety and performance.

    GPS fleet tracking – Lytx offers a video-enhanced fleet tracking service that allows companies to locate, track, and manage fleets in real time*. Integrated video systems give companies a complete picture of fleet performance and allow them to optimize fleet operations. 

    Fleet safety solutions – Lytx offers a fleet safety program as part of our vehicle fleet management systems. Our driver safety solutions use advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence to help drivers improve their skills with optional escalation paths and coaching tools to help fleet managers address exceptional risks.

    Compliance services – Lytx’s DOT compliance service can help companies improve CSA scores, reduce risk, comply with mandates, and lower operating costs. Lytx’s integrated tools automate these processes, taking the guesswork out of compliance management.

    We help deliver safety, success, and peace of mind for customers just like you.

    Lytx fleet management solutions protect fleets across multiple industries. Learn more about how we’re helping to improve safety at companies like yours.

    Liquid Environmental Solutions

    Liquid Environmental Solutions reduces the severity of risky driving events with the Lytx Driver Safety Program

    • 80% reduction in traffic violations
    • 58% reduction in severity of risky driving events
    • 61% reduction in cell phone use
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk
    Dart Transit Company

    Dart Transit Company decreases near collisions by 65% with Lytx

    • 65% decrease in near-collisions
    • 77% improvement in late response
    • 69% improvement in following distance
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Improve Driver Performance

    CalArk Reduces CSA Scores with Lytx Compliance Services

    • 99% Logs with no critical violation 
    • 600 Vehicles in fleet
    • 300 Drivers submit a log every day of the year
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk

    Flogas reduces collisions and fuel costs with the help of Lytx technology

    • 43% reduction in near-collisions
    • 25% reduction in the frequency of unsafe events
    • 37% reduction in distracted driving events
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Integrated Landscape Management

    ILM leverages the Lytx Driver Safety Program to reduce collisions and protect its brand

    • 70% reduction in risking driving behaviors
    • 50% reduction in minor vehicle accidents
    • 65% coaching effectiveness rates
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk
    National Grid

    National Grid drastically reduces collisions and improves fleet safety with Lytx technology

    • 94% reduction in collisions
    • 84% reduction in avoidable near-collisions
    • 83% reduction in severity of events
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Southern Maryland Oil

    Southern Maryland Oil reduces identified collisions by 59% with Lytx

    • 86% reduction in cell phone use while driving
    • 69% improvement in unbelted events
    • 59% reduction in identified* collisions
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    A.D. Transport Express

    A.D. Transport Express cuts claims costs and helps protect and retain drivers with Lytx

    • 450+ drivers
    • 2015 became a Lytx customer
    • 470 tractor trailer trucks
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Reduce Costs

    Annett goes the extra mile to ensure passenger safety

    • 84% reduction in cellular phone use while driving
    • 61% fewer traffic violations
    • 58% reduction in event severity
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Concho Valley Transit District

    Concho Valley Transit District's transformational turnaround

    • 58% decrease in collision frequency
    • 62% reduction in traffic violations
    • 26% improvement in response rate
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Ensign Bus

    Ensign Bus significantly reduces collisions and near misses

    • 33% reduction in collisions
    • 76% reduction in near-collisions
    • 67% reduction in observed risky driving behavior
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance

    Shearings improves the passenger experience by giving drivers ownership of safety

    • 54% collision decrease
    • 54% fewer drivers on the road without seatbelts
    • 235 reduction in distracted driving events
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Pierce Transit

    Pierce Transit lowers risk and improves passenger safety by coaching driver behaviors

    • 75% reduction in incidents of risky behavior
    • 90% reduction in unbelted drivers
    • Only two speeding violations in three months after introducing the Driver Safety Program
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Doughnut Peddler

    Doughnut Peddler uses MV+AI and Lytx solutions to manage growth and reduce risk

    • 70% reduction in risking driving behaviors
    • 50% reduction in minor vehicle accidents
    • 65% coaching effectiveness rates
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk

    USMC reduces speeding, saves lives, and increases efficiency with Lytx

    • 40% reduction in speeding
    • 60% decrease in fuel usage, carbon emissions, and idle time
    • 12M miles driven per year with no casualties
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Optimize Productivity
    Cargo Transporters

    Cargo Transporters reduces fraudulent claims costs with the Lytx Driver Safety Program

    • 83% decrease in near-collisions
    • 76% reduction in traffic violations
    • 33% drop in unbelted drivers
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk
    The City of Mobile, Alabama

    The City of Mobile, Alabama, reduces collisions by 62% with Lytx

    • 62% reduction in collisions
    • 39% reduction in risky driving behaviors
    • 50% reduction in near-collisions
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk
    JBS Carriers

    JBS Carriers Helps Drivers Increase Awareness and Reduce Unsafe Habits with Lytx

    • 80% overall improvement in traffic violations
    • 61% improvement in following distance
    • 88% improvement in driver seat belt usage
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    NFI Industries

    NFI Industries reduces collision frequency by more than 50% with Lytx

    • 51% decrease in collision frequency
    • 68% decrease in unbelted drivers
    • 2,800 drivers managed and protected
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Reduce Costs
    Orange County, Florida

    Orange County, Florida, reduces collisions by 40% with Lytx

    • 90% reduction in coachable incidents
    • 74% reduction in total cost of collisions
    • 40% fewer collisions
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Smart Care

    Smart Care moves from operational improvements to safety and back

    • 72% utilitization rate
    • 74% reduction in collisions in a quarter
    • 84% coaching effectiveness
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Optimize Productivity

    Sunstate reduces risk and increases efficiency with the Lytx Driver Safety Program

    • High cumulative cost of settling collision claims
    • Drivers following too closely and responding late to developing incidents
    • Needed a vendor who shared company values
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    U.S. Department of State

    U.S. Department of State reduces near collisions with the Lytx Driver Safety Program

    • 62% reduction in near-collisions
    • 54% decrease in the number of events
    • 49% decrease in severity of events
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    NFI Industries ELD

    NFI Industries improves ELD compliance with Lytx

    • 480 labor hours saved per day
    • 85% of unassigned drive time resolved
    • 2 hours saved per day, per coordinator
    Fleet Size: 5-49
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk

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