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    Fleet management for construction

    Keep your projects on time and within budget with construction fleet management software.

    Construction fleet management

    Optimize and help protect your construction fleet operations with our advanced fleet safety and telematics solutions. Reduce delays, increase asset utilization, minimize downtime, secure your equipment, and help ensure the safety of your skilled workforce. 

    Improve driver and construction-site safety

    Understand driver behavior and mitigate risk in your construction fleet with the power of video safety. Real-time alerts help empower your drivers to improve their behaviors in the moment. Access to on-demand* video footage can help you understand exactly what happened when an incident occurs. Footage can also help exonerate your drivers or settle claims quickly to prevent project delays.


    Maximize utilization, efficiency, and productivity

    Track the location of all your vehicles for improved routes, utilization, and productivity all from a single screen. Set geofences and receive notifications when vehicles enter or exit specified zones. Understand where, when, and how valuable assets are being utilized so you can maximize the efficiency of your fleet and ensure timely project completion.


    Protect the health of vital assets

    Keep on top of vehicle health for increased longevity and minimal downtime. Prevent project delays and associated costs related to vehicle failure with preventative maintenance features. Schedule routine maintenance and monitor DTC notifications so problems can be fixed immediately before they become more costly.


    Keep your valuable machinery safe and secure

    Keep track of your expensive yellow iron machinery right alongside your construction fleet vehicles. Asset tracking devices can be quickly and easily deployed on powered assets, so you can keep a close eye on them in the field. Geofences can be set to notify managers of unauthorized usage or potential theft while utilization data can help you ensure you are getting the most out of your valuable investments.


    Success stories from the field

    Learn how other construction companies use our construction fleet management solutions to solve challenges like yours.

    Sunstate Equipment Co.

    See how Sunstate instituted an incentive-based program to improve and reward safe driver behavior.

    Rogers Group, Inc.

    See how Rogers Group, Inc. uses Lytx® technology to build and evolve their driving training program.

    “Many technology partners have similar solutions, but what differentiates [Lytx] is the follow-up after the sale. Pay attention to the assistance you get post-sale and how the vendor helps you understand updates and improvements, whether it’s with the app, online platform, or hardware. I can’t tell you how many deals I’ve done with all kinds of vendors and very few give the level of service post-sale that we get with higher-end companies like Lytx.”

    Kevin Kelley,
    Safety and Health Director, Smart Care Equipment Solutions

    “Machine vision and artificial intelligence really has all come together under this singular platform and has enabled us to obviously first and foremost move that safety needle in a positive direction. But from a productivity [standpoint], the quality of service and quality of data has been a game changer.”

    Shawn Mandel,
    VP of Safety and Risk Management, Waste Connections

    “By understanding where people’s skill sets are, our dispatch team can route them more efficiently to address customers’ needs. So, we’re not wasting fuel because we’re sending the right technician for the job. Plus, this technology helps us meet our utilization goals and operate at the utmost efficiency.”

    Kevin Kelley,
    Safety and Health Director, Smart Care Equipment Solutions

    “How we use our [fleet tracking and video telematics system] to optimize operations, mitigate risk, and ensure we’re providing proper service is a differentiator for us because it has a myriad of customer benefits. We are positioned to respond quickly to critical issues that arise.”

    Shawn Mandel,
    VP of Safety and Risk Management, Waste Connections

    The Lytx Difference

    Machine vision + artificial intelligence

    Our driver safety solutions pair machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) with traditional telematics sensors to help fleets efficiently and accurately capture risks, alert drivers to address risks on the road as they happen, and support fleet managers with a complete and customizable toolkit for effective behavior change.

    Trusted insights driven by data

    Our MV+AI technology is informed by more than 25 years of commercial driving data — representing more than 261 billion miles from all types of vehicles and road conditions. Accurate results save you the time and energy it takes to filter through notifications that don’t represent true risk, while also helping to ensure you don’t miss critical events.

    Customizable fleet management solutions

    We help simplify your fleet management with technologies that can scale or be combined to meet your needs today and into the future. Our innovative hardware, intuitive software, and effortless API integrations can all be configured to support your unique goals and connect all the dots to save you time and resources.

    Experience you can trust

    We’ve delivered incredible results for our clients for more than 25 years.

    More than 3.4 million drivers protected worldwide
    Up to 80% reduction in clients' claims costs+
    261 billion miles of professionally analyzed driving data