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    Fleet dash cams

    Video evidence when you need it — in minutes.

    Help protect your drivers and your business with video evidence

    Our cloud-connected fleet dash camera system delivers reliable, continual video clips to a searchable online dashboard and enables drivers to manually capture video as needed. With all of your video available to you online, you can easily find the exact clips you need within minutes* of capture, providing a faster way to the truth when something goes wrong.

    Lytx fleet dash cams are front and rear-facing cameras that can provide a 360-degree view complete with high-quality video and night vision. The ability to see what really happened can help you save time and money, protect your drivers, maximize efficiency, provide better customer service, and gain peace of mind.


    How it works

    See what fleet dash cams can do for you.

    Protect your reputation and bottom line

    Video evidence can provide you with indisputable truth, which could help you exonerate your drivers – and maintain profits by saving money on insurance claims. Our commercial dash cams provide reliable, continual recording, giving you on-demand access to as much as 400# hours of video evidence per device anywhere you have a connection.*

    Extend your visibility in any direction with 360° dash cams

    Whether you need to gather facts about a collision, verify service, or ensure policy or safety compliance, the Lytx shows you what happened so you can take action. Choose between road view, inside view, or both. You can also add views from up to four additional cameras.

    Save valuable time

    Get fast access to the facts when you need it. Zero in on exactly what you need so you can get back to work. Focus your search with filters — including time and date, location, or events that are saved by your driver  — to find the exact video you’re looking for. Once you’ve found it, you can customize your video clip to include the full story. Save up to 20 minutes of video at a time in your library, or download clips and save them for as long as you need. 

    Lytx fleet dash cam features

    Take a closer look at what you can do with the Lytx fleet dash cams.


    Quickly and efficiently identify the driver behind the wheel with a simple badge scan. No additional hardware required.


    Know what's happening in and around your vehicles in near real time with live stream video.


    Drivers can tag events on the road with one button, so that management can find and review important video later.


    Go back in time and find the exact video you need with the ability to search by date and location.

    Powered by the innovative Lytx DriveCam device

    Machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) combine to deliver real-time alerts that can help address distracted driving in the moment, and provide reliable, continual video evidence for protection when the unexpected occurs.


    Records up to 400# hours of reliable, continual video.


    Connect up to four additional cameras using the Lytx Hub™ Adapter and additional SF-Series or third party auxiliary cameras


    See what's happening in and around vehicles in near real time.


    High lumen infrared LED lights provide clear visibility, even at night.


    Enables your drivers to proactively record video when needed.


    Our wide-angle, dual lens shares the big picture — on the road and inside your vehicle.

    Frequently asked questions

    Vehicle dash cams (dashboard cameras) record high-quality video and audio footage while someone is driving. The hardware is easy to install and dash cams are usually mounted in the cab of a vehicle, on or near the windshield. Drivers and fleet managers can review dash cam footage to pinpoint moments of risk and understand what happened immediately before, during, and after an incident. Drivers can manually record clips on demand whenever they want to capture evidence of what’s happening on the road or in the vehicle. When paired with a fleet safety program, dash cams deliver light and audio alerts that can help drivers self-correct to avoid risk and distraction in the moment.

    Lytx fleet dash cams can offer a clearer picture of what really happened, with thoughtful features including advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence, real-time alerts, up to 400# hours of continual video monitoring, support for additional commercial vehicle cameras, wide-angle dual lenses, and more.

    By default, Lytx fleet dash cams are triggered to capture footage of risky driving events or behaviors, like hard braking, swerving, or cell phone use. When bundled with a safety program, they also deliver light and audio alerts that empower drivers to self-correct, avoiding potential collisions in the moment for an immediate impact on fleet safety.

    Fleet managers can set the fleet camera system to live stream or record continual footage (up to 400# hours), and drivers can manually trigger recordings whenever it’s necessary to capture an incident on the road. These features highlight why commercial vehicle camera systems are essential to quality fleet management. 

    If you need to reduce claims costs, improve driver safety, or maximize fleet efficiency, investing in a fleet dash cam system can help and may even pay for itself over time.

    Video evidence from a fleet camera can help protect your drivers and your business against the unexpected and lets you see what really happened. Commercial truck camera systems offer easily accessible footage in the event of an incident or dispute, allowing you to effectively coach your drivers, offer proof of service, and more. 

    When bundled with a fleet safety program, dash cams can also empower your drivers to quickly and easily improve their performance. In-cab alerts can give your drivers the opportunity to address risk in the moment and avoid potential collisions. After each trip, drivers can use a mobile app to review footage of their performance and be empowered to self improve.

    You can have a view of just the cab or the road ahead with commercial truck dash cameras or, with an easy installation process, your vehicles can be equipped with a 360-degree view of the vehicle using commercial dash cams. If your fleet moves at night, then commercial dash cams with night vision can provide clear video for all hours. 

    Dash cameras for commercial vehicles offer a variety of benefits for companies. Video evidence from commercial vehicle camera systems can help exonerate drivers from false claims, reduce claims costs, empower drivers to address risky behavior in the moment, simplify asset tracking, and improve business operations. Our clients also use commercial dash cams to verify compliance with company procedures, resolve customer disputes, and offer proof of service delivery.

    Commercial vehicle cameras provide rich information that can supplement data collected from traditional GPS fleet tracking systems. Lytx provides modern fleet management solutions that integrate footage from interior and exterior cameras with sensor data from the vehicle’s GPS, accelerometer, and onboard computers.

    You can log in to your Lytx account to monitor commercial dash cam video footage wherever you have a cellular connection, on your desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

    Depending on how the fleet dash camera is configured to record, your footage may appear in your storage account as a number of short clips or a longer stream. Video can be saved to storage, downloaded, and shared as needed. 

    If you need to use video evidence to see what happened when the unexpected occurs, Lytx can provide up to 400# hours of continual video, even when vehicles are off-duty.

    If you’re looking to pinpoint risky driving behavior, Lytx driver safety solutions detect events that can indicate risky or distracted driving and offers customizable options to proactively shift behavior in the moment, empower drivers to self coach and optimize their performance after the drive, or support in-person or remote coaching for fleet managers as needed. 

    We also offer a fleet tracking services that’s compatible with all of our other solutions and provides fleet managers with visibility into real-time* vehicle locations to improve operational efficiency.

    “If there was one technology I could have had throughout my 32 years in the transportation business, [Lytx] would be it. It’s another set of eyes. It’s proof. It protects the driver. And it protects the company.”
    Jerry Welsch
    Safety Manager A.D. Transport Express

    Investing in video can lead to significant savings

    Learn more about how an investment in a fleet dash camera system today can result in years of savings.

    We help deliver safety, success, and peace of mind for customers just like you.

    Lytx® protects fleets across multiple industries. Learn more about how we’re helping to improve safety at companies like yours.

    Liquid Environmental Solutions

    Liquid Environmental Solutions reduces the severity of risky driving events with the Lytx Driver Safety Program

    • 80% reduction in traffic violations
    • 58% reduction in severity of risky driving events
    • 61% reduction in cell phone use
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk
    Dart Transit Company

    Dart Transit Company decreases near collisions by 65% with Lytx

    • 65% decrease in near-collisions
    • 77% improvement in late response
    • 69% improvement in following distance
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Improve Driver Performance

    CalArk Reduces CSA Scores with Lytx Compliance Services

    • 99% Logs with no critical violation 
    • 600 Vehicles in fleet
    • 300 Drivers submit a log every day of the year
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk

    Flogas reduces collisions and fuel costs with the help of Lytx technology

    • 43% reduction in near-collisions
    • 25% reduction in the frequency of unsafe events
    • 37% reduction in distracted driving events
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Integrated Landscape Management

    ILM leverages the Lytx Driver Safety Program to reduce collisions and protect its brand

    • 70% reduction in risking driving behaviors
    • 50% reduction in minor vehicle accidents
    • 65% coaching effectiveness rates
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk
    National Grid

    National Grid drastically reduces collisions and improves fleet safety with Lytx technology

    • 94% reduction in collisions
    • 84% reduction in avoidable near-collisions
    • 83% reduction in severity of events
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Southern Maryland Oil

    Southern Maryland Oil reduces identified collisions by 59% with Lytx

    • 86% reduction in cell phone use while driving
    • 69% improvement in unbelted events
    • 59% reduction in identified* collisions
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    A.D. Transport Express

    A.D. Transport Express cuts claims costs and helps protect and retain drivers with Lytx

    • 450+ drivers
    • 2015 became a Lytx customer
    • 470 tractor trailer trucks
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Reduce Costs

    Annett goes the extra mile to ensure passenger safety

    • 84% reduction in cellular phone use while driving
    • 61% fewer traffic violations
    • 58% reduction in event severity
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Concho Valley Transit District

    Concho Valley Transit District's transformational turnaround

    • 58% decrease in collision frequency
    • 62% reduction in traffic violations
    • 26% improvement in response rate
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Ensign Bus

    Ensign Bus significantly reduces collisions and near misses

    • 33% reduction in collisions
    • 76% reduction in near-collisions
    • 67% reduction in observed risky driving behavior
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance

    Shearings improves the passenger experience by giving drivers ownership of safety

    • 54% collision decrease
    • 54% fewer drivers on the road without seatbelts
    • 235 reduction in distracted driving events
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Pierce Transit

    Pierce Transit lowers risk and improves passenger safety by coaching driver behaviors

    • 75% reduction in incidents of risky behavior
    • 90% reduction in unbelted drivers
    • Only two speeding violations in three months after introducing the Driver Safety Program
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Doughnut Peddler

    Doughnut Peddler uses MV+AI and Lytx solutions to manage growth and reduce risk

    • 70% reduction in risking driving behaviors
    • 50% reduction in minor vehicle accidents
    • 65% coaching effectiveness rates
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk

    USMC reduces speeding, saves lives, and increases efficiency with Lytx

    • 40% reduction in speeding
    • 60% decrease in fuel usage, carbon emissions, and idle time
    • 12M miles driven per year with no casualties
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Optimize Productivity
    Cargo Transporters

    Cargo Transporters reduces fraudulent claims costs with the Lytx Driver Safety Program

    • 83% decrease in near-collisions
    • 76% reduction in traffic violations
    • 33% drop in unbelted drivers
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk
    The City of Mobile, Alabama

    The City of Mobile, Alabama, reduces collisions by 62% with Lytx

    • 62% reduction in collisions
    • 39% reduction in risky driving behaviors
    • 50% reduction in near-collisions
    Fleet Size: 50-499
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk
    JBS Carriers

    JBS Carriers Helps Drivers Increase Awareness and Reduce Unsafe Habits with Lytx

    • 80% overall improvement in traffic violations
    • 61% improvement in following distance
    • 88% improvement in driver seat belt usage
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    NFI Industries

    NFI Industries reduces collision frequency by more than 50% with Lytx

    • 51% decrease in collision frequency
    • 68% decrease in unbelted drivers
    • 2,800 drivers managed and protected
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Reduce Costs
    Orange County, Florida

    Orange County, Florida, reduces collisions by 40% with Lytx

    • 90% reduction in coachable incidents
    • 74% reduction in total cost of collisions
    • 40% fewer collisions
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    Smart Care

    Smart Care moves from operational improvements to safety and back

    • 72% utilitization rate
    • 74% reduction in collisions in a quarter
    • 84% coaching effectiveness
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Optimize Productivity

    Sunstate reduces risk and increases efficiency with the Lytx Driver Safety Program

    • High cumulative cost of settling collision claims
    • Drivers following too closely and responding late to developing incidents
    • Needed a vendor who shared company values
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    U.S. Department of State

    U.S. Department of State reduces near collisions with the Lytx Driver Safety Program

    • 62% reduction in near-collisions
    • 54% decrease in the number of events
    • 49% decrease in severity of events
    Fleet Size: 500+
    Result: Improve Driver Performance
    NFI Industries ELD

    NFI Industries improves ELD compliance with Lytx

    • 480 labor hours saved per day
    • 85% of unassigned drive time resolved
    • 2 hours saved per day, per coordinator
    Fleet Size: 5-49
    Result: Manage Fleet Risk

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