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    7 Clips of Shocking Footage from Dashboard Cameras

    vehicle driving through a canyon

    Fleets now have more power than ever before to see what’s happening in the field with video footage from dashboard cameras. Watch the short clips below to learn more about how video can protect fleets and save lives.

    Dashboard camera clip #1: motorcycle accident


    Defensive driving is a top safety priority for fleets in every industry and this clip proves why. The motorcyclist in the video on the right makes a last-minute decision to exit the freeway, which then causes him to hit the wall of the off-ramp and be thrown from his bike.

    The in-cab video shows an alert driver—he anticipates the motorcyclist’s collision the instant before it happens and smoothly brakes to a stop well in advance of the bike and rider. This fleet dash cam footage is a perfect example of how defensive, vigilant driving saves lives.

    Dashboard camera clip #2: texting


    Multi-tasking, such as using a cell phone, while driving increases the risk of collision by 100 percent. This clip demonstrates how one of the most frequent driving behaviors—texting—is also one of the riskiest. A few seconds in, a new text pings the driver’s cell phone.

    The driver reaches for the phone while traveling at 67 MPH, not noticing that the tractor trailer in the video on the right is getting much closer, much faster. The driver swerves at the last second to avoid a potentially devastating collision that certainly would have damaged the vehicles, if not put lives at risk.

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    Dashboard camera clip #3: side swipe


    Unfortunately, there’s no escape in this clip. The driver in the video on the left is traveling at 68 MPH on the freeway when another commercial truck neglects to check the side mirror and makes a lane change, side swiping the driver and running the impacted vehicle into the median.

    Although the driver braked and his defensive driving likely prevented a more destructive situation, the incident was unavoidable. From a fleet management perspective, video provides critical evidence of fault and can help avoid costly claims.  

    Dashboard camera clip #4: head-on impact


    This dashboard camera clip shows another real-life example of a situation where drivers might be (incorrectly) assigned fault for a collision. The driver is stopped at a red light when a white passenger vehicle in the opposite lane runs the light at a high speed. The white car hits a passenger truck crossing the intersection and then ricochets off another passenger vehicle before impacting the driver’s truck head on.

    With four vehicles and four drivers involved (and potentially injured) in a fairly serious incident, video provides clear proof of what happened and who was at fault, helping to protect drivers and fleets.

    Dashboard camera clip #5: oncoming traffic


    Collisions happen fast, even on roads with less traffic. This video shows an inattentive passenger vehicle neglecting to check for oncoming traffic before pulling out of their driveway. The bus driver is traveling at a reasonable 35 MPH and honks immediately, but the car is too close and the imminent collision puts lives at risk.

    Again, this footage will be invaluable for exonerating the bus driver and ensuring the bus passengers know exactly what happened. 

    Dashboard camera clip #6: preoccupied cyclist


    Non-motorized vehicles can present just as much risk to driver safety as other road hazards. The video on the right shows a careless cyclist dart across four lanes of traffic, directly in front of a bus. Thanks to the alert bus driver, a collision and likely serious injury to the cyclist were avoided.

    Dashboard camera clip #7: unaware pedestrian


    In another dashboard camera clip showing what could have been a potentially fatal collision, an oblivious pedestrian crosses a street without looking. The observant bus driver sees the pedestrian emerge from between parked cars and brakes smoothly to avoid incident, with the pedestrian never acknowledging his near miss.

    These clips are just a glimpse of what a powerful tool video can be for your drivers and your business. Interested in seeing what DriveCam® Event Recorders and Lytx’s video telematics solutions can do in your fleet? Book a demo