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    Transport fleet management

    Improve the reliability and safety of your passenger transit vehicles with fleet management.

    Transit management software

    Provide reliable and consistent service while keeping passengers safe. Help your drivers stay on time and within schedule while reminding them to adhere to safe driving practices at all times with the leader in video safety and telematics.

    Protect passengers and prevent accidents

    Help ensure drivers and passengers make it to their destinations both on time and without incident. Real-time alerts remind drivers to correct risky behaviors in the moment. Driver coaching workflows empower fleet managers to help their drivers correct continuous behaviors and reward good driving practices. In the event of an incident, video footage can help exonerate drivers or settle claims quickly.


    Keep transit routes on schedule with minimal downtime

    Maintain a bird's eye view over your entire transit fleet with GPS tracking and understand what's happening in real time*. Route passenger vehicles based on changing traffic and weather conditions to prevent delays. Take immediate action in the event of vehicle failure by routing the closest driver and informing passengers of delays with updated ETAs.


    Keep vehicles healthy and ready for the road

    Maintain transit vehicle health with preventative maintenance features to head off breakdowns. Schedule and enable notifications for routine maintenance based on engine hours or mileage. Arm drivers with streamlined driver vehicle inspection workflows for thorough pre- and post-trip inspections. Ensure mechanic sign-off on needed repairs directly through the Lytx® Driver App.


    Success stories from the field

     Learn how other transit companies use our transit fleet management solutions to solve challenges like yours.

    Beacon Mobility

    See how Beacon Mobility keeps their teams motivated to maintain great driving behaviors for safer driving year after year.

    LKQ Corporation

    See how LKQ has used Lytx to achieve a remarkable 30% reduction in risky behaviors through self-correction.

    The Lytx Difference

    Machine vision + artificial intelligence

    Our driver safety solutions pair machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) with traditional telematics sensors to help fleets efficiently and accurately capture risks, alert drivers to address risks on the road as they happen, and support fleet managers with a complete and customizable toolkit for effective behavior change.

    Trusted insights driven by data

    Our MV+AI technology is informed by more than 25 years of commercial driving data — representing more than 261 billion miles from all types of vehicles and road conditions. Accurate results save you the time and energy it takes to filter through notifications that don’t represent true risk, while also helping to ensure you don’t miss critical events.

    Customizable fleet management solutions

    We help simplify your fleet management with technologies that can scale or be combined to meet your needs today and into the future. Our innovative hardware, intuitive software, and effortless API integrations can all be configured to support your unique goals and connect all the dots to save you time and resources.

    Experience you can trust

    We’ve delivered incredible results for our clients for more than 25 years.

    More than 3.4 million drivers protected worldwide
    Up to 80% reduction in clients' claims costs+
    261 billion miles of professionally analyzed driving data