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    Fleet preventative maintenance software

    Enable optimal fleet operation.

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    Fleet vehicle preventative maintenance

    Lytx® Preventative Maintenance helps you create automated notifications to track critical maintenance measures that keep vehicles operating optimally and prolong vehicle life. The seamless dashboard enables you to:

    • Create and manage service reminders in minutes
    • Configure service intervals and due dates
    • Navigate an intuitive interface for entering service completion details, comprehensive service history record
    • View and download detailed CSV exports for use with non-Lytx systems
    interface showing customizable features for vehicle maintenance

    Customize services as much -- or as little -- as needed

    Create, view, and edit all your service reminders vehicle maintenance reminders (e.g., oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections) in the Service Management page. Additionally, distance settings that determine when service is due can be customized.

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    Easily assign services to specific vehicles

    Once services are created, and both the intervals and pre-service notifications established, they are assigned to the vehicles to be tracked for each service. After the settings are saved vehicles will be tracked for the assigned services. All vehicles with any services configured are displayed on the Services Due tab, showing the service needed and the distance until it's due. If a vehicle has multiple services, each is listed separately. While vehicles are on the road the Lytx event recorder will periodically send odometer readings to Lytx to ensure the notifications are delivered as scheduled.

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    Rely on notifications instead of memory

    Service status can be tracked from within the platform by selecting the vehicle name to see details such as past trips and idling time. Even the best fleet managers can’t remember every maintenance detail, so Lytx makes it easy for you to log dates and times along with any additional details that fleet managers, drivers, or mechanics may need to know in the future. The date and time entered are automatically associated with the current odometer reading, setting a baseline for the next service interval.

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    Automatically create records for future reference

    Thoroughly documenting maintenance services creates a comprehensive Service History for each tracked vehicle that can be exported in a CSV file if needed. This information can be useful if your vehicles are sold when they’re no longer in rotation.

    Frequently asked questions

    As a vehicle is driven, the DriveCam periodically detects the odometer reading from the vehicle's ECM bus (via the Light Duty ECM cable) and sends it to Lytx.

    Services are configured in the Preventative Maintenance–Service Management tab in a Lytx account with:

    • Service Name: A brief description of the service to be performed.
    • Service Interval: The distance the vehicle needs to travel until the next service is due.
    • (Optional) Due Soon Threshold: The distance remaining to receive advance notice that the next service is due.
    • Vehicles: The vehicles that are associated with that Service.

    When a vehicle is added to a service, the Service Interval distance is added to the latest odometer reading of each vehicle for that service to identify the target odometer reading when the next service is due.

    For example, if the Service Interval is configured for 10,000 miles, and the current odometer reading for a vehicle is 25,000, the target odometer reading for the next service due would be 35,000 miles. If the vehicle has been serviced recently, the Distance Until Next Service can be adjusted to a lower distance.

    The vehicle is displayed on the Services Due tab with the distance until the next service. As a vehicle is driven and Lytx receives updated odometer readings from the vehicle, the distance until next service is automatically updated on the Services Due tab.

    When the specified maintenance is performed on a vehicle, users must complete the service on the Services Due tab. The completion date and time entered will be used to find the closest odometer reading at that time to determine the next target odometer reading for the next service.

    After services are completed, they're recorded in the Service History tab.

    The Lytx Preventative Maintenance feature requires our Light Duty ECM cable installed and a Lytx DriveCam SF-series event recorder.
    • Due: The distance remaining until the next service is due.
    • Due Soon: The distance remaining for this vehicle has reached the optional Due Soon Threshold for this service.
    • Overdue: The vehicle has reached or surpassed the distance of the service.