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    New VEDR Driver-Focused Key Indicators

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    On June 1st, 2023, the new VEDR Key Indicators (KIs) will be in effect*. The goal of this change is to reduce the number of riskiest driving behaviors, which include:

    • Speeding
    • Distractions
    • Seatbelts
    • Linehaul Only: Following Distance
    • Pickup & Delivery Only: Failure to Stop/Incomplete Stop

    The VEDR Program allows up to a certain number of events for each behavior, based on the average number of active VEDR devices in your fleet for the last 30 days:Here is how the VEDR Driver-Focused KIs match up to the terminology at Lytx and how they are measured:To help drivers reduce risky driving behaviors, it is important to coach drivers in a timely manner. Here are some resources to help you get started on coaching these new KIs:

    Speeding: Speed Management: Configuration and Best Practices

    Distractions: Coaching Common Behaviors:, Cellphone Handheld, Recorded Webinar: Coaching through Distractions

    Seatbelts: Coaching Common Behaviors: Driver Unbelted

    Following distance: Coaching Common Behaviors: Following Distance

    Failure to Stop/Incomplete Stop: Coaching Common Behaviors: Failed to Stop / Incomplete Stops

    To learn more about these KIs from a VEDR KI expert, sign up for a live webinar here or watch a recording below.

    * All Linehaul TPSs (Transportation Service Providers) and Canadian Pickup and Delivery ISP’s (Independent Service Providers). All other Pickup and Delivery ISP’s will be notified via MyGoundBiz or terminal management.